Gamma variant raging: The fight against Covid-19 is increasingly fierce

Gamma-Variante wütet Der Kampf gegen Covid-19 wird härter
Gamma variant raging: The fight against Covid-19 is increasingly fierce

The Gamma variant, first discovered in Japan but of Brazilian origin, is making the fight against Covid-19 in the world more difficult because of its high infectivity and high mortality.

While struggling to cope with the variant of Covid 19 named Delta that first appeared in India, many countries around the world have warned about other equally dangerous variants. One of those variants is Gamma, which was first discovered in Japan but of Brazilian origin, making the fight against Covid 19 more difficult and fierce.

The Gamma variant has raged on a large scale in the city of Manaus, the capital of the Brazilian state of Amazonas in early 2021. In particular, this city has also been ravaged by the disease since May last year, raising concerns that the People who have had Covid-19 are also not safe from the Gamma variant. Research by the Brazilian Journal of Science said that this variant is more infectious and causes higher mortality than many other variants.

According to official Brazilian statistics, the number of deaths among young people and children infected with the Gamma variant is increasing. Even this variant also makes the mortality rate of pregnant women and fetuses abnormally high.

Mr. Jamal Suleiman, an epidemiologist at the Emilio Ribas Institute, said: "The appearance of the Gamma variant makes the epidemic situation in Brazil worse. Currently, many young people in Brazil have Covid-19 including Covid-19, including myself. Gamma variant because these are the subjects who have not been vaccinated much. In my opinion, if the disease is not controlled quickly, the situation in Brazil will be even worse."

Meanwhile, in the US, Gamma is classified as a worrying variant by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Tracking variations, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that Gamma has been detected in all states, with Gamma prevalence greater than 15% in many regions, including the West and East North.

According to the California Department of Public Health, Gamma accounted for 10 percent of all genetic testing samples sequenced in June, and numbers are growing in all regions of California. US health officials are concerned that the number of people contracting Covid 19 due to the Gamma variant and several other variants including Alpha and Delta is increasing and may have a moderately reduced response to certain treatments with antibodies, and at the same time easier to transmit.

However, medical experts also confirmed, there is no evidence that the Gamma variant will reduce the protection of the vaccine. As observed by epidemiologists in the highly vaccinated population, especially in the US, all strains of Covid-19 are still under control. If people are vaccinated with two doses, the vaccine will still protect the body, regardless of the type of mutation.

Maria Van Kerkhove, the World Health Organization's technical lead on Covid-19 said: "Recent studies show that, although vaccines have reduced effectiveness against variants such as Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta, but vaccines still work to protect us against these variants. Vaccines help us create antibodies to protect the body and fight symptoms of serious illness or death."

According to statistics, as of yesterday (June 28), there were more than 52,000 cases of Gamma variant worldwide in 62 countries and territories. Leading the list is Canada with nearly 18,000 cases. Second is the US with nearly 16,000 cases and then Brazil with nearly 11,000 cases

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