EURO 2020: Kalvin Phillips – 'England's Pirlo'

As soon as England's squad against Croatia was announced, the press and online community in the UK as well as around the world had heated debates about Kalvin Phillips appearing in midfield.

EURO 2020: Kalvin Phillips – 'England's Pirlo'

Midfielder Kalvin Phillips (left), England competes for the ball with Croatia's Marcelo Brozovic during the Euro 2020 European Football Championship Group D match at Wembley Stadium in London, England, June 13, 2021 .

Many people wonder why the Leeds United player deserves the starting spot more than Jack Graelish, and whether this is a tactical mistake by coach Gareth Southgate. In the first 45 minutes, the criticism aimed at Kalvin was right, he could not join Delcan Rice to help the Three Lions regain the game after the first 10 minutes of playing a fiery attack.

Of course, everything should be viewed from the faces of the Croatian midfield. First of all, Luka Modric - a famous star, has won too many titles with Real Madrid, then Mateo Kovacic - a player who is no stranger to English players while playing for Chelsea and just won the championship. Champions League, finally the lowest kick is Marcelo Brozovic – Inter Milan player, just won Serie A this year. All three of these Croatian names are world-class.

Meanwhile, England fans often forget the fact that the top 4 teams in the Premier League last season rarely used native midfielders. Chelsea use Kante – Jorginho and Kovacic alternately, Manchester United use Fred – Pogba and Bruno Fernandes, substitutes are Matic and Scott McTominay, Liverpool use Thiago – Wilnajdum pairing due to Jordan Henderson – England player – injury, champion Manchester City use the pair Gundogan – De Bruyne – Fernandinho and Rodri.

In general, England's central midfielders almost "disappear" in these four big teams. Because of the power of the media, viewers often focus only on the bright attacking players that England have, forgetting that before stars like Kane, Sterling or Foden ... finish, they need someone. passing, or more specifically, creating.

Therefore, Rice actively plays defensively and Kalvin has the task of playing freely to attack and defend, trying to connect the right wing corridor where the pair of Foden and Kyle Walker of Manchester City create a solid link. for England. And as expected of coach Southgate, Kalvin's great interaction in the 57th minute opened a golden opportunity for Sterling to finish, scoring the only goal of the game, bringing 3 points for the Three Lions, break the "snap" of 9 matches without winning in the EURO periods.

After the match, the name Kalvin Phillips was praised in the newspapers, and on social platforms, users rushed to find out who this was. All the results showed that this was the man known as "Pirlo of Yorkshide", and after the game against Croatia was changed to "Pirlo of England".

Even witnessing the player's ability to play smart, technical and sharp tactical vision, the famous coach Jose Mourinho also praised: "The best player in the match is Kalvin. He has no international experience, has never played in the Champions League and is not a regular face on the national team. But he surprised everyone. Who would have thought that just two years ago, he was still playing in the English Premier League. In the last match, Kalvin's pressing ability helped England maintain an even position against the Croatian midfield trio. Whenever Modric or Kovacic intends to find space to prepare for the way to the ball, Kalvin does not hesitate to move along and narrow the opponent's playing space. I believe EURO 2020 will be where he shines even more."

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