Facebook and Google reach agreement to pay news fees in Australia

 According to a reporter in Sydney, two technology "giants" Google and Facebook have reached agreements to pay for the use of news content with a number of major Australian media outlets.

Facebook and Google reach agreement to pay news fees in Australia

Facebook and Google have reached agreements to use news with many major Australian media companies. Illustration: Reuters

On May 4, the Australian Community Media Corporation, which has signed an agreement with Google to provide the content of more than 40 of the magazine's newspapers to the Google News Showcase service, confirmed it has signed a letter of intent. about working with Facebook.

Previously, on April 3, media group Seven West Media announced a five-year deal with Google and a three-year deal with Facebook. Australia's largest media group, News Corp, is expected to provide information on its deals with Google and Facebook in the coming days.

Previously, in February, Australia's second largest media group Nine Entertainment signed an agreement with Google, under which the US technology giant will pay more than AUD 30 million ($24 million) a year for the year. within the next 5 years to use news content published in Nine Entertainment's newspapers. The Guardian newspaper also reached a similar agreement with Google.

On May 4, Australian Communications Minister Paul Fletcher applauded Google and Facebook for having reached agreements to use news content with a number of local media outlets, and encouraged the parties to continue to negotiate an agreement. goodwill manner. Mr. Fletcher said the results showed that the law of bargaining between the media and news agencies was working.

Under the terms of a law enacted earlier this year, technology companies must pay for news media corporations' news content to appear on their digital platforms. If they don't pay, they face an independent arbitrator's decision and could be fined millions of dollars.

Conversely, to be eligible to receive fees for their news content under the above regulations, Australian media outlets must have an annual turnover of more than 150,000 AUD ($120,000) and must comply with the standards and ethics of the Australian media. professional journalism.

Mr. Fletcher said that in the near future, the Australian Information and Communications Authority will receive AUD 4.2 million (US$ 3.36 million) from the federal government to support the implementation and management of the Trade Act. media volume.

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