Google provides locations for COVID-19 vaccinations in the USA

On January 25, Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced that this technology corporation will contribute its locations in the US to serve the vaccination against COVID-19 disease.

Google provides locations for COVID-19 vaccinations in the US

Google provides locations for COVID-19 vaccinations in the US

Google also committed to spend more than 150 million USD to promote vaccine education program to provide complete information about this product to the community.

On his personal blog, Director Pichai said that Google will support mass vaccination programs, starting from the US. "Today, we're announcing that we'll be mobilizing Google spaces as mass vaccination sites, pledging more than $150 million to advance vaccine education and equitable distribution, and helping it's easier for you to find a vaccine." He said the search term "vaccines near me" has grown fivefold since the start of this year, and Google wants to make sure it provides timely and relevant answers.

According to Google's director, the company will select and utilize a number of locations such as buildings, parking lots and available open spaces to serve the vaccination program based on state and local guidelines. . To do this, Google has partnered with healthcare provider One Medical and public health agencies to open locations, if needed, in Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay area in California. , Kirkland in Washington and New York City, as well as aiming to expand vaccination facilities across the country. Google is also working with local officials to determine when to open these vaccination sites based on vaccine availability.

It is expected that in the coming weeks, COVID-19 vaccination sites will be easily searchable on Google Search and Maps, starting in Arizona, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas. Mr. Pichai said details such as whether to make an appointment or a referral would also be provided if specific populations are restricted from receiving the vaccine.

Also according to the Google Director, since the outbreak of the pandemic, the technology company has supported more than 100 global government agencies and NGOs with important health announcements through the Rescue Program. crisis support in the form of advertising support. He also said Google's efforts will be heavily focused on equitable access to vaccines. To do this, has committed $5 million in grants to organizations that address racial and geographic disparities in vaccination against COVID-19.

With more than 25 million cases and 420,000 deaths, the US is currently the country hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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