How to redirect to Thank You page for Contact Form 7

This article Google Tech News will guide you to redirect to the Thanks You page for Contact Form 7 simply and easily.

If you are using Contact Form 7 to make a contact form or an information registration form, you probably know that, every time a customer enters and submits information, there is only a small message below. Registration form only. Then what's the problem?

I will point out some disadvantages of having such a tiny message when filling out a Contact Form form:

  • Unprofessional: Yes, the fact that the customer fills in and submits the information, and only has a message with a few words below it, clearly does not bring professionalism.
  • Customers do not notice: Sometimes people who enter information do not notice the appearance of this small message below, they may think that the website has a problem, or they do something wrong and can't send it. form again.
  • Failure to track: If you are running Google Ads, or Facebook Ads, and use Contact Form 7 as a form to register customer information for users, it is very difficult to track the effectiveness of the registration form. You can solve it by inserting tracking into the Submit button, for example, but like this, the tracking method is not accurate, because when people click submit and enter the wrong information, the tracking system still counts, but in fact, they do not. send any information.

To solve the above problems with Contact Form 7, you should create a Thank you page (Thanks you page), then redirect customers every time they fill out the form and submit it to this page. This will make the website much more professional, help customers know that they have submitted complete information, and help you easily track customer conversions on tools like Google Ads, Facebook Ads. In addition, on the Thanks You page, you can design it so that you can introduce customers to your other products and services, help increase click-through rate, increase time onsite... and possibly increase revenue. .

So how to redirect to Thank You page for Contact Form 7? Let's follow along.

Instructions to redirect to the Thanks You page for Contact Form 7

Contact Form very well supports the features of a contact form or a registration form, but it lacks great features, and redirecting to the Thanks You page is also a feature that Contact Form 7 lacks.

However, there are many ways and as well as the WordPress plugin that supports Contact Form 7 to do this, and in this article, I will show you how to redirect to the Thank you page simply and quickly, that is using the Redirection plugin. for Contact Form 7.

Install Redirection for Contact Form 7 plugin

This is a plugin available on the WordPress plugin repository.

After installing and activating the plugin, you do not need to install anything else. The plugin has already added a Redirect Settings tab inside the Contact Form's registration forms:

Create a Thank You page

Now you need to create a Thank You page, which after the guest fills out the form and submits, will redirect to this page.

Specifically, you go to Pages -> Add new to create a new page, and name it Thanks You or whatever you like, and use the builder tools to create your own thank you page.

And as I said at the beginning of the article, you should design this page not only to say thank you to your guests, but also to lead them to your other products and services to increase time onsite on the web and increase the number of customers. pages/sessions and also increase sales for other products.

In addition, this Thanks You page, you should block the bots index to avoid tracking tools like Google Ads, Facebook Ads that miscalculate conversions because there are people accessing this page directly from the outside.

Link Thanks You page to Redirect Settingsdirect

After creating the Thank You page, now go to Contact -> Select the form you want to redirect to the Thanks You page, switch to the Redirect Settings tab.

In the Select a page to redirect to on successful form submission section, select the Thank you page created in the previous step.

How to redirect to Thank You page for Contact Form 7
How to redirect to Thank You page for Contact Form 7

Below there will be some other options, if you feel the need to, you can use it, otherwise just leave the default and Save.

Now you can test the contact form, register and install it. You will see that after clicking the Submit button, the website will automatically redirect to the Thanks You page created earlier.

Very quickly and simply, you have created a redirect to the Thanks You page for Contact Form 7. If you have any other questions, please leave a comment below.


Why should I redirect to the Thanks You page?

The site will be more professional. Help customers know the information has been sent. Easy tracking converted for Google Ads, Facebook Ads. Introducing other products and services at the Thanks You page

How to do a redirect for Contact Form 7

The simplest way is to use the Redirection for Contact Form 7 plugin to redirect customers after filling out the form.

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