How to write a "Quality" Content when you don't know anything?

When applying to an agency for a Content Marketing position, one of the first tests of every person is probably: “Complete a 2000 word article on a given topic in just 24 hours”. For those with experience, it's probably not too difficult a challenge, but for "Newbies" it's a different story. Many of you will feel confused and do not know how to do it because you do not have much knowledge about Content Marketing.

So what to do first, what to do later, what should be included, what should not? If you only had 24 hours to write a genuine content article that was 2000 words long, how would you arrange your time?

First 2 Hours: Getting Started with Content Marketing

Getting Started with Content Marketing

Getting Started with Content Marketing

Don't panic into Google right away to find all the keywords you've picked up from the article and then try to cram everything that makes you feel "looks fine" into the article. Let's start with the most basic: Understand your job.

If you don't know anything about Content Marketing yet, generously spend the first 2 hours learning about it.

First, you need to understand what is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing, also known as content marketing, is a way of marketing that uses interesting, novel, valuable content but must be relevant to users. By providing useful information to businesses to promote sales and generate profits. In traditional marketing activities, businesses constantly talk about products to motivate customers to make purchasing decisions, while Content Marketing provides content that slowly enters the minds of customers, thereby making products become the number 1 priority, when customers want to buy and will come to your brand.

Why pay attention to Content Marketing?

According to statistics of Adweek organization, up to 81% of users search for information on the Internet, in which the sources of information that have a great impact on customers' purchasing decisions are: Social networks (54%), reviews from customers (52%), online advertising (51%) and brand websites (44%). In addition, according to a study on long-term memory, using brand-related content on a regular basis will naturally and unconsciously increase customer loyalty to the product. That said, trusted content created by businesses has a huge impact on brand recognition and thereby also contributes to increased sales.

Next 2 Hours: Choose the Right Content Type

Now check to see how you are applying to the company, who is the target audience, and what is the purpose of the content. This takes about 2 hours. Go to your competitors' websites, see who is using their products and what kind of content is most relevant.

Types of Content Marketing
Types of Content Marketing

By function, content is usually divided into three main categories: Utility Content, Informational Content, Entertainment Content, and Utility Content.

Informational content is articles with useful information, helping customers solve problems in life and interweaving brand information into advertising. Companies with novel, unknown products or brands with many direct competitors can use informative content to create sympathy and to attract target customers. However, this type of content is often slow to bring results and requires frequent content investment. For example: 30Shine's Youtube channel, instructions on how to apply wax, hairstyles suitable for each face..

– Entertainment content often uses stories as its strengths and does not talk much about the product's functions or parameters, but often uses humorous situations to make viral elements, making people talk non-stop, thereby spreading information about brands, brands and products to a large number of consumers. For example: Viral clips of Orion Media or Trang TV. Most Marketing brands can apply this type of content, but it should not be applied to large and high-end brands because entertainment content, if done incorrectly, will become less charming, pale, even lost. bounce back.

Utility content is often used as a free tool to solve everyday problems for customers. The advantage of utility content is that it can count the number of clicks and downloads, but it requires businesses to make the right and serious initial investment, ensuring to bring customers the most interesting experiences. Examples: Apps that help you track your daily spending.

According to the form, content can be divided into 4 types: Informational articles (Article / blog), Image (photo - light and photo), Video Marketing and Infographics,

- Article: Talk about the most basic form of . content, we are talking about informational articles, | blog. This type of content provides knowledge and uses keywords related to commerce | thương to influence a group of public | Definitely the key to the success of the article. Make sure the photos or visuals used in the blog are interesting and don't forget to include a title that attracts readers.

-  Photos – Photos – lots of photos: If those are user-provided photos, even better. Or the photos are invested to attract customers. However, users always put the authenticity of information first, so sometimes a photo taken with a phone is | attract more interaction than a photo taken with a professional camera,

- Video Marketing is a familiar content for marketers, especially in recent years when Youtube and Facebook have continuously promoted the Video Marketing segment. An effective Marketing Video needs to have a good idea, bring elements to promote sharing (touch the right customer insight) with beautiful images,

- Infographics: As a very useful and intuitive means of using images to present complex information, data or knowledge quickly and clearly, infographics are chosen by many businesses to share information. , knowledge or impressive data to users. However, it is important to pay attention to choose the most important and necessary elements, don't try to put them all into one Infographics,

10 – 14 Hours: Create a complete Content with 5 basic steps

For starters, you should spend about 10-14 hours to write a complete content Don't be more and don't be less, As a result of a lot of time, you will tend to cram, not focus on the mind Too much Less time will make the article less neat. Let's try for example if you have to write a 2000 word content about tourism so that it is easy to visualize step by step.

Step 1: Research the topic – When you first start writing content, most marketing interns will be given a list of content ideas by the team leader. After getting used to writing, marketers can use Google Trend, Alltop. com or BuzzSumo to find topics of interest or actively search for topics from the community through discussions in groups that focus on many of the brand's target customers.

With the theme of tourism, if your company's customers are young couples who are looking for a place to travel together, topics with keywords such as: "Romantic travel", "Travel" couple savings” or suggest a specific schedule for 3-4 days or the amount to pay are good ideas.

Step 2: Check the available articles If possible, try to read about 5 articles available on the Internet to see how to write and the level of information exploitation and quality of the article. Use synthetic thinking to filter out commonalities, see the characteristics of the most viewed/shared posts, and learn from them. When writing about travel, community sites like TripAdvisor or online newspapers with highlighted keywords will be a useful source of information as a basis for content. Checking out the available articles helps you get an overview of the topic you will be exploring, and find your own unique, interesting perspective that other authors have not explored.

Step 3: Write content. First, write an outline (outline) and arrange the main ideas, content, and data you will put into exploitation. Then create a relationship from content to readers using familiar language, appropriate approach. For example, when writing about couple travel, try to put yourself in the position of the customer who is about to go out with his lover. What will interest me the most? Is it privacy, romance or most importantly, the distance from home to that place and then start writing about the things you care about rather than rigid keywords..

Step 4: Finalize and edit depending on the type of content you are aiming for, choose a way to perfect the content such as making articles weighted with numbers, advice from K0Ls (Key Opinion Leaders). influential in the community) or build a story to lead readers into the content more naturally.

Step 5: Proofread Finally, check the spelling, give it to others to read and receive their comments to correct it. If you have a friend who is part of the brand or brand's customer group you need to write content for, their sharing and suggestions can help you complete the article in the most satisfactory way.

Last 2 Hours: Create a “SUCCESS” style accent

Formula for writing successful content content

Formula for writing successful content content

A well-thought-out content is often more than enough. But adding a little spice, adding a few WoW factors is also a good idea, Life! I like it, I just add a highlight. Optimizing the article according to the "SUCCESs" formula applied by many people is a suggestion for you:.

S: Simple – Simple messages. Simplicity does not mean making content sketchy, lacking links. Simple message means you need to choose the most representative message to include in the article. What is the core of the message? Can you summarize it in a six-word sentence? |

U – Unexpected – An unexpected twist. To keep your readers engaged, create gaps that make others curious. Why do Scheherazade's stories last for 1001 nights, because every night the store's audience has a surprise that makes them want to hear more stories.

C – Concrete – Specific Message To make it easy to understand, draw a specific picture in language to help readers visualize. You can say a beautiful tourist destination, But if you say that tourist destination has shuttered mountains that coincide with green grasslands, clear skies, and every night watching the stars, it's like being lost in the Milky Way - then much more effective.

C: Credential – Reliable information. This is information guaranteed by experts or an influential KOL.

E: Emotional – Emphasis on emotional factors Human's greatest concern is with other people. A good content is a content that can evoke the emotions and thoughts of the reader instead of just a dry, full-digit content.

S: Story – Tell a good story. Inspirational stories that ignite action. Think of the story in the Thai “My Dad is a Liar” commercial, or the Ted Talk stories that make you clap your hands and stand up for action. Those are the stories that you can refer to to make content more effective.

Now is the time to complete your 2000 word content and prepare to send an email to apply for your marketing job. Press submit with confidence and be prepared that your investment in content will pay off with a satisfying job offer. But if not, don't be discouraged, keep practicing writing and continue to invest in every word, every paragraph of your brain and passion The writer's pen is like a chef's knife, like you. The photographer's brother and the painter's brother. The more you practice and work hard, the better the results will be.

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