In SEO: Knowing people know me in a hundred battles without defeat

In the art of war, there is a saying, "Knowing the enemy and knowing me, a hundred battles a hundred defeats". This means knowing all information about activities and strength of enemy troops and opponents. Knowing where your strength is, there will be appropriate preparation, plans and implementation plans.

SEO is a battle between the parties, here is the competition of websites where whoever wins will get a worthy reward. Especially SEO product keys to sell, to the Top will reach a lot of customers. This creates stiff competition between the parties.

In SEO Knowing people know me in a hundred battles without defeat
In SEO Knowing people know me in a hundred battles without defeat

So to win the opponent, we need to know people, know us.

Knowing the people here is about:

  • Determine who your competitors are
  • What keywords are they SEO for?
  • What content do they focus on?
  • Strategies to go backlinks
  • Content strategy
  • Website structure

Know me in:

  • Know what keywords you are SEO for (need to have a set of keywords before SEO)
  • Have a plan to prepare the number of articles, Content, number of backlinks to do (from analyzing competitors in the industry)
  • Estimate the amount of budget needed
  • Estimate the work to be done (backlink deployment roadmap, content, content, ...)
  • Estimate the personnel needed to deploy
  • Checklist of the most important tasks in the deployment process.

Here, I want to talk about "knowing people" more deeply, so how to "know people" properly. The answer is intuitive on Google search results for the keywords we want to SEO and a tool that gives a lot of power in SEO – Ahrefs.


- Identified competitors: check out Competitors

- Which keyword is the competitor doing SEO: look at Organic Keyword, Anchors

- What URLs are the competitors focusing on SEO for, which URLs bring the most traffic, where is the heart of the website: Top Pages

- What content do they focus on: Top Pages, Best by links (Pages), Organic Keyword, Anchors

- Know what keywords your competitors are doing SEO that your website doesn't have: Content Gap (find blind spots in content making)

- Know how many articles this website has: Top Content (pages)

- Know how many referrals the website receives from other websites pointing to: Referings domain

- The growth process of the website, knowing when the opponent is strong, when the opponent is resting, when to grow, when to recede: Organic Search Chart (Organic Traffic Graph, Organic Keyword)

- How to go to the internal link of each URL in the website: Internal backlinks

- Which Pages have the closest content, directly compete with the Top Pages, thereby finding more related kind neighbors: Competing Pages, Competing domains.

- Know what kind of links your competitors are going recently, how many: New Backlinks

- Know which links are lost by competitors recently, how many: Lost backlink

- Where are the specific addresses of the Refer domains coming from, is the address quality or not: Refering IPs IP

- The New, Lost backlink also shows that the opponent is focusing on SEO or considered to have abandoned it, not caring anymore, maybe letting the site die.

- See the progress change in the competitor's website from Organic Keywords New: New keywords to the Top, Organic Keywords Movements: the change in rank up and down of website keywords (this section gives comments. nice)

- Know how many links are out on the competitor's site, which website is linking to: Linked domains (Outgoing links) here sometimes also know the websites in the same neighbor's system, because of course he will Point to each other if you have several websites to help you in the same field.


Such a comprehensive report on the Competitors situation that even the CIA and the Russian bear's KGB had their hats off to Ahrefs' vivid analysis.

The Report with the above indicators will definitely give you a full view when researching, analyzing and researching websites in the industry so that you can have an overall picture for your SEO project. Gain confidence when implementing SEO projects. Know what you need to do to have the best preparation in the process.

Reading and understanding Ahrefs indicators well, will help you master SEO. From this experience, I can confirm, Ahrefs is built on factors in the SEO optimization process. Tool has dissected and detailed each small element to build a complete SEO project.

Many of you inbox me asking for some tools to do SEO, or what is the secret of my success in SEO, I replied: Ahrefs, up to this point, I have gone through hundreds of SEO projects large and small, the answer is still It's Only Ahrefs! Other tools are also good, but with my style in the direction of simple, easy to understand, easy to do, easy to practice, I will choose Ahrefs.


So in SEO as well as in fighting, the strategy says: know people know that we won't lose in a hundred battles (not a hundred battles with a hundred wins). When you know the competitor information and understand yourself, it will be much easier to do SEO, the winning rate will be increased many times. A sense of confidence pervades when implementing the project.

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