Tools needed:

  • - backlinks analysis
  • or domains - find old domains, expired domains
  • - view old domain history
  • - see industry reputation index

Note when buying old domain:

  • As for the Google index link, check with the command –
  • DA, TF, CF, Referring domain as high as possible.

Steps to take

Go to or domains

Use web filters to search by subject or language or country or amount to bid (if needed).

After choosing a suitable domain, then check the index with the command:

Check the web history with: to see if the right field, industry? If the domain is redirected many times, it is important to pay attention to whether the content of the redirected domain is the same as the content on the old domain?

Check backlinks on domain with Ahrefs: Same industry, backlinks on big websites, dofollow backlinks, Full URL link.

Choose to buy or auction, must have a Godaddy or Namesilo account (these are 2 auction floors), pay by credit card or use Paypal, how to price domains based on old traffic indicators, referring domains, Backlink, TF.

How to find expired domains based on the big guys

Step 1: Use Ahrefs to check big websites or other leading industry websites

Step 2: Go to Outgoing links => Linked domains => Organic traffic (filter from small to large) => download the list and choose domains with low organic traffic, choose so because the possibility of these domains has expired.

Step 3: Go to BulkSearch and paste the entire list of newly selected domains here to check. Check up to 500 domains each time for fast results. If you see a domain that can be registered, then use the Tool to check the indicators as mentioned above.

Buy a domain name (domain)

Use your Godaddy account to buy, after paying, within 7 days the domain will be returned to your account, after receiving and remembering to change the owner information. Then add the domain to Google Search Console to see if there is a manual action?


Buy Hosting: Note that PBNs have different IP addresses and are different from money sites, if there are many PBNs, they should be used by different providers.

The address to buy cheap Host and have a manager for PBN or

Website Settings

If you have a need to build more than 25 PBNs, you should use, the cost is relatively cheap, there is a Wordpress interface available to choose, simple installation.

If you have few PBNs and want to build a beautiful site, you can hire your own web design units or buy from Goddady.

Make a logo for PBN

If you do not have a logo, you can design it for free here

Install Plugins like Yoast SEO or Rankmath.


Usually, companies with many PBNs should use or to manage. Posting to multiple PBNs is very simple, no need to log in multiple times. Link out can be controlled and PBN's stats can be checked.


After building the website, we go to to get the old content back on the newly built website then 301 redirect the old link to the new web link. Copying this content is also risky because the old owner has already used the content on another site, so must check for duplicate content ( before copying. If you want to be sure, rewrite the new content on the same topic as the old content.

Go to Google Search console to check which links the old website's traffic comes from? Next, write new content for those links and then use the 301 redirect command to point the old link to the new link.


If the site is in English, you should buy or (should buy together for cheap), these are 2 tools that can be combined together to make English content very well.

If you don't have the tool and use it sparingly, you can buy English content at:,,, or hire units specializing in writing English content.

If the content is in Vietnamese, finding a content writing unit is too simple.


Building a PBN can both SEO for the web, can create a funnel and can sell Guest Posts, so if you have the conditions, you should develop the system, of course the cost to raise the system is not small. .

NOTE: Do not use 1 PBN to continuously point a link to a certain site, if you do a lot, it will lead to Spam. PBN's outbound links are also limited and controlled.

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