Introduction to Amazon SEO Basics


  • Important ranking criteria on Amazon that buy products through keyword search. If many users search for your keyword and buy your product, your product page will be prioritized to appear on Top Amazon. In addition, the conversion rate is also considered as a ranking factor.
  • Onpage: SEO in any platform, you must do it onpage
  • Sales will mainly determine whether you get to the Top or not, which means the higher the CTR, CR and sales rate, the higher your product keyword rankings.
Introduction to Amazon SEO Basics
Introduction to Amazon SEO Basics


  • That is, the more people search for your product and click on it to buy, the more your keywords will be on the Top, so the more Top with more keywords, your products will have more buyers, and more sales. High number of purchases you will also be on the Top again. A kind of rotation algorithm.


  • Photo: Selling on the Global environment requires a set of quality, sharp photos, beautiful and professional design.
  • Keywords: No matter what platform you sell on, you still have to research keywords, on Amazon too
  • Keyword research tool: Tool 1: Amazone suggest: When you type keywords in Amazon's search box, suggested keywords will appear, the more suggested keywords you find, the better. Tool 2 (recommended): You use , this tool has a lot of nice features when you work on the Amazon platform. Additional reference tools: Ahrefs, Keywordtool.
  • Locations to place keywords: Brand, Title, Bullet Point, Descriptions, Backend keywords, Further keywords, Produkt. As long as you put a keyword and a certain field has been indexed by Amazone, it is successful, the rest of the keyword appears in the content or not, it doesn't matter much. To index many keywords, you can insert long-tail keywords into the Backend keywords section. In addition to optimizing for Amazon, making good content linking your products can also appear on Google.
  • Reviews: Before buying something, foreigners often have the habit of reading reviews first because this is the clearest proof of your products and services. is it good? If you have many 5-star reviews, your sales rate is very high. A good tip is that you can ask acquaintances abroad to review or go to SeoClerks or Fiverr to buy, but be careful because if you violate Amazon's policy, your store may also fly so you should Find yourself a reputable seller. The more 5-star reviews you have, the more your keywords will be ranked Top priority.
  • Question and answer section (FAQ): This section is a place for me to cram more keywords, so research the competitors and choose for yourself the best questions and answers then write and answer yourself.
  • Use FBA service: This is Amazon's main service in completing orders, products using the service will have an additional Prime logo, this service is for VIP customers and will have many benefits when use.
  • Inventory: You should always make sure the goods are always ready in stock, if customers order without, your keywords will also be affected.
  • Traffic: If you have other traffic sources from outside of Amazon like Google, Social, your sales page is also prioritized to increase rankings.


  • Use Helium10 to identify keywords and predict the number of sales orders to rank keywords. Should prioritize doing long-tail keywords first.
  • After determining the number of Sales that need GIVE-AWAYS, you use Amazon's advertising tool Amazon PPC, you should advertise for long keywords first, when there is enough Sales, your keywords will be ranked, from here went into the process of algorithm A9. It's better to use a lot of long-tail keywords instead of rushing into keywords with high competition. To make keyword SEO difficult, you have to use external channels like Google and Social. The important thing at this stage is not profit, but that you are increasing the number of Sales and reviews, you can also use tips to give Coupons or Shock discounts. You can use to help distribute Coupon codes.
  • There are many other tips about Amazon, you can contribute in the comments below, Thanks all.
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