Italy just sold 8 modern frigates in a Southeast Asian country

 According to Fincantieri, the group has just won a contract to sell eight frigates to a Southeast Asian country, with an estimated value of up to billions of dollars.

Italy just sold 8 modern frigates in a Southeast Asian country

Multipurpose frigate FREMM of the Italian Navy. Image: Wikipedia.

Fincantieri will be the main contractor for the entire deal, which means that the Indonesian FREMMs will be built in Italy.

The FREMM contract with Indonesia also helps many other Italian defense companies out of the current economic crisis. Fincantieri also left open the possibility of cooperation with Indonesian shipbuilding industry group PT PAL in the future.

It is known that two Maestrale ships acquired by Indonesia from Fincantieri are currently serving in the Italian Navy but are about to be retired. These vessels will also be modernized before handing over to Jakarta.

According to a source from Naval News, participating in the procurement package of new warships of the Indonesian Navy not only Fincantieri but also many other maritime industry corporations such as Damen (Netherlands), Mitsui E&S (Japan) and OMT (Netherlands). Brother).

Before the Indonesian FREMM contract, in May, the US Navy also announced a contract to buy a second FREMM ship with an estimated value of nearly 554 million USD. The Pentagon even plans to put into service 10 frigates of this type.

Thus, the contract to buy 6 FREMMs, Indonesia will have to spend more than 3.4 billion USD for this deal, not to mention 2 modernized Maestrale.

With 8 new frigates, Indonesia will become the "number one" naval power in Southeast Asia in the next 10 years.

About the Maestrale this is a class of light frigates built by Fincantieri in the 1980s for the Italian Navy. Eight were built and the last of the class entered service in 1985.

Four are still in service with the Italian Navy but will be replaced by the Bergamini class, the Italian variant of the FREMM.

The Maestrale was originally designed as an anti-submarine frigate, but it operated as a multi-purpose warship. The weapon system on the ship is quite diverse from anti-ship missiles, air defense missiles on ships to torpedo tube systems. In addition, the Maestrale can also carry two naval helicopters.

And FREMM is one of the most modern multi-purpose frigates in Europe today, with 18 active in the navies of 5 countries.

With a total displacement of 6,000 tons, the FREMM class frigate is capable of reaching speeds of up to 27 knots and when operating at 15 knots, the range of this class is 6,000 knots.

The basic firepower of the FREMM-class frigate is MU-90 torpedoes, MM-40 Exocet Block 3 anti-ship missiles, MBDA Aster anti-aircraft missiles and 76 mm naval guns.

Along with that, the FREMM-class frigate can also carry the NHI NH90 NFH multi-role naval helicopter. The highlight of FREMM is the integrated radar control system with features similar to the Aegis system on US warships.

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