New revelation about the first person to discover Antarctica

 A new study has revealed that the Maori, the indigenous people of New Zealand, may have been the first to discover Antarctica, and its surrounding icy continents and oceans.

New research indicates that the Maori (New Zealand) may have discovered Antarctica since the 7th century

New research indicates that the Maori (New Zealand) may have discovered Antarctica since the 7th century. Photo The Guardian.

According to The Guardian (UK), a new study by the University of Otago - combining literature and oral history, published in the journal of the Royal Society of New Zealand - has concluded that the Maori, indigenous peoples The landowners of Aotearoa (New Zealand) were likely the first to explore the waters around Antarctica and the continent beyond it.

Scientists say the journeys of the Maori and Polynesian peoples to the far south have been going on for a long time, probably as far back as the 7th century. This is documented through many oral stories.

According to the oral histories of the Maori ethnic groups Ngāti Rārua and Te Āti Awa, the first person to reach Antarctica was the Polynesian explorer Hui Te Rangiora.

“Polynesian narratives of voyages to the islands, including Hui Te Rangiora's voyage into Antarctic waters and the crew aboard the ship Te Ivi o Atea, may take place at the turn of the century. VII,” the researchers said.

According to oral tradition, they named the ocean in Antarctica Te tai-uka-a-pia, which means frozen ocean. The word "pia" refers to the galangal tree, which when shaved off looks like snow.

Accordingly, records of the oral history of the Polynesians from 1899 describe the journey to Antarctica as "monstrous seas".

“The waves wind in the water and on the sea. Frozen sea of ​​pia. Sea creatures dive to great depths. That land was only foggy, dark and could not see the Sun. Other things are like rocks. The top of the rock pierced the sky. The land is bare and has no vegetation on it,” the note said.

SP Smith, an oral historian, says these stories are describing kelp, marine mammals and icebergs in the Southern Ocean.

Researchers say that the Māori sailor, Te Atu, is commonly known as the first Māori, and also the first New Zealander to reach the Antarctic coast in 1840. His voyage to Vincennes at the coast. Antarctica has mapped the mile-long Antarctic coast.

Fabian Gottlieb von Bellingshausen and Mikhail Lazarev are considered to be the first two explorers to have discovered the Antarctic continent. In 1820, they reached the Fimbul Ice Shelf.

Project leader Dr. Priscilla Wehi said: "We see that the connection between Antarctica and its seas dates back to ancient exploration. Responsibility to minorities, especially especially the Maori, is important to contemporary and future Antarctic research programs.”

Currently, scientists are still conducting research and evaluation of the Maori's contribution to the discovery of Antarctica. However, they note that "stories about this people and their connection to Antarctica are still little known".

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