US: Power company in Puerto Rico was hacked

Luma Energy, which supplies electricity to the US territory of Puerto Rico, said a fire at the Monacillo substation left thousands of customers there without power on June 10, right. after the company announced a cyber attack, but it is not clear if it is related to the fire.

US Power company in Puerto Rico was hacked

US Power company in Puerto Rico was hacked

According to Luma Energy, the fire at the Monacillo substation in the Puerto Rican capital of San Juan occurred two hours after the company's website was targeted by a cyberattack that generated about 2 million hits per month. seconds.

The fire caused widespread power outages on the island of Puerto Rico. Photos and videos posted on Facebook showed flames and black smoke rising from the Monacillo substation. Firefighters were quickly on the scene.

Luma Energy said the cyberattack prevented customers from accessing their accounts, but did not say whether it was investigating a link between the cyberattack and the fire. On Twitter, a Puerto Rican official said the blackout affected 500,000 people and pledged to conduct an investigation.

Luma Energy is a new power unit in Puerto Rico that began operations on June 1 to improve the territory's power transmission system. Luma Energy is jointly owned by parent companies ATCO and Quanta in North America.

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