What is doing Marketing?

It's easy, doing Marketing is doing advertising, running TVC, organizing events, PR, Digital, SEO, Viral, Seeding,... Marketing is spending the most money in the company, working with famous agencies to run the epic program. Marketing just need to learn and know Philip Kotler, 4P, positioning, advertising, digital,...

The above opinions we often encounter every day, sound understandable and people in the industry sometimes shake their heads, but they are not necessarily wrong. All just not really thorough and thorough with the work of marketers.

It is simply "listing advertising and marketing activities commonly found in the market". True but not enough. Those activities are just the tip of the iceberg, commonly known as out-of-market enforcement, of which the largest are advertising and communications. So:

1. What is Marketing really doing?

That is strategic planning. The first thing to mention is the Marketing Plan (Brand Marketing Plan) that is built every year, clearly defining the brand's goals and strategic activities in that year. From there, the activities that people usually see above will be implemented.

The Marketing Plan will be built on the basis of the Brand Vision Plan - built and renewed every 3 - 5 years, helping to orient all marketing activities, ensuring the brand is on the right track. and consistent vision.

What is doing Marketing?
What is doing Marketing?

Finally, Marketing Plan and Brand Strategy are both governed by two important foundations and are also the deepest part of the iceberg: Brand Architecture; Brand Positioning.

This is a fairly standard model, applied by many companies. However, depending on the model and scale can be adjusted accordingly. Note that Brand Architecture and Brand Positioning are set up when the brand has just been born, only adjusted when there is a big change in the development strategy of the brand. So you have less chance of building those two foundations when managing an established brand.

Depending on your role and position in the marketing team, you will be involved more or less in the process of developing an annual marketing plan. And in order to advance on the Marketing career path, you first need to understand the duties and responsibilities of the Brand Team - a Marketing person in the business.

2. 7 Duties of a Marketer

Brand Key / Brand Plan / Brand Vision: Marketer is responsible for positioning strategy, brand core, building a long-term brand vision and annual marketing plan.

Brand Communication & Activation: Not only planning, Marketing is also responsible for implementing communication and brand activation activities in the market to help the brand grow year by year.

What is doing Marketing?
What is doing Marketing?

Brand Innovation: Growth goals must also be ensured through product innovation and new product development.

Brand Equity: The most important asset of marketing is brand equity. Marketers must ensure the health of the Brand Health brand through indicators of brand awareness, awareness, trial level, loyalty, frequency of use and indicators in different regions. other core brand characteristics.

Brand Sales: If you think Marketing is not responsible for sales, that's completely wrong. Marketing must not only make sure to hit the annual sales target, but also achieve a growth rate above the market average, because otherwise you won't reach the sixth level of responsibility, which is market share.

Brand Share: Growing faster than the category is the core factor to increase market share and marketers always aim to make the brand the number one in terms of market share.

Brand Profit & Loss: Last and not least, you must ensure profits for the brand, to do this, you must regularly monitor input material costs and production costs. , cost of goods sold, to keep profit at the desired stable level.

You see, to build a good brand and ensure the completion of all 7 tasks above is not the effort and achievement of one person alone. Like a movie, to create a successful film requires the smooth coordination of many people, in which Marketing will be the main director, leading, enticing and inspiring the actors. departments and agencies on the journey to build a brand to achieve sales targets.

3. To do Marketing is to do with whom?

Specifically, there are 4 subjects that marketers need to know how to manage from top - bottom - inside - outside, including: Boss - Soldier (Team) - Department inside the company - Agency outside the company.

While the management of Bosses and Soldiers are soft skills, quite common in all positions, working with internal departments and external agencies is a very unique characteristic of marketers, here, we will Learn more about these two sections.

Manage departments in the company

Usually divided into 4 groups:

  • Commercial group: Includes departments such as Marketing, Business (sales), Trade (commercial marketing). This is an important group in the company, because both know how to make money and also know how to spend it. Sales is considered a bridge between brands and consumers, without them, products cannot reach consumers. Because of the close relationship, marketers have to work closely with Sales and Trade to come up with a reasonable product distribution strategy, support and promote activities at the point of sale, as well as motivate the sales team. row.
  • Operation Team: Including departments of R&D, quality management, supply chain, factory,... Marketing also needs to work with these departments to ensure new product development and supply. Goods handling is taking place smoothly and smoothly.
  • Administration group: Includes departments such as Finance, Legal, Human Resources, IT, ... Marketing jobs often do with these departments including budget management, profit, issues legal issues, recruiting or building reporting systems.
  • Marketing Service Team: You may know another name, Marketing In-House, which are specialized departments like a miniature Agency in the company, in order to speed up execution and manage costs. including departments: Communication, market research or even creative design,... Marketing needs to work closely with this department like real agencies.

With such a diverse and important role, Marketing is often seen as the conductor of the company's orchestra, must know the characteristics of each department, know how to lead, entice, orient and inspire the company's orchestra. The construction is running smoothly, smoothly,...

Manage external agencies Agency

With a wide range of services and expertise, agencies are excellent creative and execution partners in supporting Marketing to reach consumers. There are many types of agencies on the market, from global agencies with a long history and respectable records to passionate Vietnamese agencies that are extremely knowledgeable about the market. Marketers will feel diverse, and it is also quite difficult to choose a suitable agency for the brand.

There are many ways to choose an Agency, a popular way is to find a Strategic Partner. It's a relatively comprehensive agency that can be in charge of the entire communication plan. This agency will be responsible for all activities with a specific budget, from coming up with big ideas and communication strategies to implementing, monitoring, and reporting results. They can do most of the operations themselves and outsource the rest to partners or sub-agents in the same system. The biggest advantage of this management is consistency, making it easy for marketers to track and monitor. However, that limitation is the high cost when the brand has to pay management fees and little choice of staff because agencies tend to choose sub-agents in the same network.

Another way of management but with the opposite form is Self-Management. Marketing can invite many agencies with different expertise to a project. The person who makes the overall strategy, coordinates between agencies, monitors the execution, is none other than Marketing. Marketers will have a harder time maintaining consistency and consistency throughout the campaign, but can save a lot of budget and choose from a variety of agencies than the first management.

A management method that has appeared recently is that Marketing hires a good brand consulting agency to map out communication strategies, creative ideas, then find the right agency to execute. However, in practice, managing and finding an Agency is much more complicated than in theory, depending on the nature of the work, relationship, campaign type and budget, you will need to apply many different ways.

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