What is Frequency Separation technique?


What is Frequency Separation technique?
What is Frequency Separation technique?

There are many ways for you to treat skin imperfections such as acne, freckles, scars, wrinkles, pores, etc. with Photoshop. However, not every way can be edited to make the overall picture beautiful, natural, and create harmony and elegance for the photo.

In this article, we will learn the technique of Frequency Separation to help edit professional images that are very popular today. Let's follow along!

What is Frequency Separation technique?

Frequency Separation (also known as FS, layering / frequency separation technique) is the process of analyzing image data into spatial frequencies, so that we can edit the details of the image below the frequencies. different independence.

Are you seeing a portrait of Albert Einstein or Marilyn Monroe?
Are you seeing a portrait of Albert Einstein or Marilyn Monroe?

The picture above is a specific example of Frequency Separation technique. In fact this is an image that overlaps a portrait of Einstein at high frequencies with a photo of Monroe at low frequencies, if you look up close or zoom in on the image you'll think it's Albert Einstein, but if you step back or zoom in If it's small, you'll think it's Marilyn Monroe.

There are many frequencies in an image, each of which maintains a different amount of information about the image (depending on the size of the image). In practice, we can divide the data information of an image into high and low frequencies, where:

  • High Frequency (also known as the upper layer) is the layer that holds information about the details of the image such as pores, hair, wrinkles, blemishes on the skin such as acne, scars, bruises …
  • Low Frequency is the layer that contains information about skin color, skin transition, light and dark on the skin. It is possible to summarize the information that the lower layer holds including: light and dark areas, color and skin tone.

Application of Frequency Separation technique in Photoshop?

To process the skin of a portrait photo in Photoshop, you can apply the above principle by separating the image into two parts: High frequency helps to edit details (hair, hair, pores, wrinkles, etc.) facial contours….) and Low frequency corrects color patches on the skin without fear of them mixing and creating unwanted results. The special feature of Frequency Separation technique is that it can easily process the skin while still retaining the skin structure and texture, creating a natural and harmonious beauty for the overall image without spending a lot of time. and time like other techniques.

Therefore, Frequency Separation technique is often used in the processing of wedding photos, portraits, artwork, ... (for photographers, retouchers). For designers, this technique will be an effective support tool to help you edit model photos before putting them into posters, banner ads, etc.

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