Energy And Success

Transforming Sexual Energy into Creativity, Health and Wealth

Renowned scholar Napoleon Hill - President Franklin D. Roosevelt and also the father of success (the science of personal success) the author of the best-selling book on the art of getting rich of all time "Think And Grow Rich" has spent a lifetime researching about the secret of success of great people , politicians , millionaires , scientists , outstanding artists in the world . He discovered a very important secret about the connection between sexual energy and human success. After years of research he concluded that:

Energy And Success
Energy And Success

Really, successful people in all fields are often gifted people who know how to transform sexual energy into the constructive and creative spheres."

Analyzing the activities of more than twenty-five thousand people, I discovered that few achieve great achievements under the age of forty. Usually by the time they get the speed they need, they're almost fifty years old. This fact took me by surprise and decided to find out.

I understand: the main reason is that most people who have not reached the age of forty-fifty often waste their energy by overusing the physical side of sexual feelings. Many of them never understood that it was possible and necessary to use sex in a different way, and these abilities were so appealing that the pleasures of the flesh simply became dull and petty. Most understand it too late, having wasted years when sexual energy was at its peak. But nonetheless, they still achieved remarkable success.

However, many people, past the threshold of forty, continue to squander their sexual energy that should be used for more necessary purposes. Such is the subtlest, most powerful energy being thrown out onto the street. It is not unreasonable that people say: Sow the wind, reap the storm

Of all the human feelings and emotions, sexual energy is the most powerful and stimulating, and that is why intoxication, desire, and passion, if transformed and directed into the necessary orbit, will help. achieve the best results.

Hill also warned that squandering energy and a corrupt carnal lifestyle would destroy a person's talents and career, even turning them into animals.

He advises those who want to achieve success to practice directing their sexual energy to useful channels rather than to the desires of the flesh, which he calls the art of ascension.

Hill's discovery was practiced thousands of years ago in many schools of Eastern mysticism.

Love and sex are two wonderful gifts given to mankind by nature, but because of our insatiable greed and ignorance, these two gifts should bring happiness, success and intelligence but they are not. turned into crime, illness, and even death.

Transforming Sexual Energy into Creation

The transmutation of sexual energy is the most powerful tool that has ever existed when it comes to creation, invention, talent, creation-related activities, progress, and human achievements.

Napoleon Hill talked about the Transformation of Sexual Energy in his groundbreaking book Think and Grow Rich. In it, he said that all those geniuses used their sexual energy as fuel for their creativity. And he also noted that when it comes to Love, it must include yin and yang sexual intercourse.

Sex itself, is a forcefully demanding act, but this force is like a storm, and often out of control. When the feelings of love begin to merge with the feelings of sex, the result is a "static" in purpose, accuracy in judgment, and balance.

In colloquial terms, a decent woman's love is essential. You have heard the saying "If the husband and wife agree to the husband, slap the East Sea". This is justifiable. So, with too much sexual energy but this energy is not focused then a man has no purpose or direction at all. Civilization itself exists solely because of monogamous marriage and the direct concentration of sexual energy.

So how to harness sexual energy.

The common understanding is that too much indulgence in alcohol or drugs leads to failure, but little has been heard of us humans being too passionate about yin and yang intercourse leads to the same thing. Let that sexual energy grow within you.

Don't waste that energy randomly because people around you feel that energy and attract them like a magnet. Having a high sexual energy, but not being allowed to indulge in it, and all that desire is the universal key to success.

This indulgence in pleasure is the cause of the shortage of great leaders. No one helps themselves with creative energy while wasting it

One thing is for sure – History's most successful greats have a strong sexual attraction, but they don't indulge in lusts and they never make that passion their goal.

But if we want to accomplish something great and great, we must turn sexual energy into fuel for another purpose.

Do not indiscriminately have yin and yang intercourse. That's what wild animals do and that's why they're called wild. This is not to say that you should not have yin-yang intercourse but that you must not view yin-yang intercourse as a goal.

Don't masturbate or watch adult movies online, This will drain you of your essential energy. You may notice a huge change in your mood, personality or happiness when you give up this. Keep your seed term growing into a magnet that attracts people to you, waste it and you will also repel people.

Use sexual energy to focus it on your business and life plans. Sexual energy is almost limitless and when redirected, it can turn any man into a money-making machine.

Go find a good woman who can take care of everything for you, this will free your mind and you won't have to think about these things anymore and focus all your energy on the goal at hand. A woman's love and support is essential for your success- Most successful men always have a virtuous, loyal woman behind them.

Sexual energy is the best fuel that has ever existed - use it wisely. Save it and watch it transform sexual energy into creativity.

The ancients once said, if a person's kidney qi is not complete, their future life will not do anything great. Why so? Because according to the theory of oriental medicine, it is said that the kidney receives the quintessence of the five viscera to store it, which is to say, this person's kidney qi is like a bank, it brings the essence of the five viscera. stored in the body in a safe, then provided for you to use for a lifetime, to create a career, to serve society. "

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