Fire at Tesla's solar battery factory in Australia

The giant Victorian Big Battery solar energy storage battery factory based in Geelong city, Victoria state (Australia), caught fire on the morning of July 30, just one day after officially going into operation.

Fire at Tesla's solar battery factory in Australia
At 10 am (local time) a large solar energy storage panel (megapack), suddenly caught fire. Photo:

The fire started at 10 am (local time) when a large solar energy storage panel (megapack) of electric car maker Tesla at the 300 megawatt (MW) battery project, located in the Moorabool area near Moorabool. Geelong city, suddenly caught fire.

Due to the effects of the fire, toxic smoke has spread throughout the surrounding suburbs, prompting the Australian National Fire Service to issue a "toxic smoke" warning and advise residents in the vicinity. Close all exterior doors and windows, and turn off all heating and cooling in the home.

The chief executive officer of the French company Neoen in Australia, which is responsible for operating the Louis de Sambucy factory, said no one was injured and everyone was evacuated in time. Neoen and Tesla are working closely with local emergency service companies to manage the situation. Mr. de Sambucy added that a fire broke out inside a Tesla battery pack during initial testing between 10am and 10:15am.

The fire comes just two months after a unit at the Callide C coal-fired power station in Central Queensland exploded and caught fire. That fatal incident sparked the fight against climate change as coal advocates, including some members of the Australian Government, spoke out against renewable energy development programmes. creation that Canberra is promoting.

The Victorian Big Battery Factory is a project built and operated by the Victorian Government in cooperation with Tesla and directly implemented and operated by the French renewable energy company Neoen. This is one of the largest energy storage plants in the world, about the size of a standard football field, located in an area of ​​wind and solar farms, providing electricity output up to 300 MW. With this project, Victoria is expected to cut a large portion of annual energy costs for companies, manufacturing plants and households.

According to Australian Energy Minister Angus Taylor, the services provided by Victorian Big Battery could save industrial electricity consumers an average of $280,000 a year, while the Portland aluminum smelter, which is an intensive unit largest power generation in Victoria, can reduce up to 1 million AUD (over 740,000 USD)/year in energy costs.

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