Guest Post deployment strategy effectively

Guest Post is one of the forms of link building that has been widely used by SEOers in recent years, due to its very high level of effectiveness compared to other forms of link building, but to understand and implement correctly, it is not not everyone knows how to exploit properly, especially the Newbie brothers.

Guest Post deployment strategy effectively
Guest Post deployment strategy effectively


In every project that I deploy for customers, along with other forms of link building such as: Social, Forum, Textlink - Banner, GSA - comment, PR Newspaper.... I consider Guest Post to be a form. bring outstanding efficiency, compared to other forms of link building if exploited properly.

Quick Definition What is Guest Post?

If you are a Guest Post (GP), you can simply understand that your article is posted on a website, blog... of another partner. To help build the content, links, authors, brands... that you want to convey.

What does a quality Guest Post look like?

Most of the brothers often evaluate by the index PA, DA, TF, CF, UR, DR ... , personally, I do not care about these indicators very much (but of course a high index is still better).

As I understand it as simple as this, a quality guest post is your quality article - located on a quality website. But! To define a quality website is a long story, it is really difficult, and can be mixed with emotions. Based on my experience and opinion, there will be the following characteristics:

Website is the main website (money site):

Simply because the main website is for business, not to sell guest posts, so it will be invested more carefully and carefully by the site owner.
Note: For websites that are systems built by parties for the purpose of selling GP, if it is invested as a money site, that website is still quality according to me.

Website has traffic and growth: 

Quickly check by going to ahrefs, enter the website you need to check Organic search -> Organic traffic, then see if the organic traffic index & website graph has grown or not.
Note: It makes no sense if you compare Site A's total Organic Traffic with Site B's. Because each topic, each keyword, each market will have a different volume. Moreover, the total amount of Organic Traffic depends on the number of indexed websites. Suppose: Site A has 10 articles with 1000 Organic Traffic, which is more valuable than Site B with 10,000 Organic Traffic but needs more than 200 articles. (if the content is nearly the same).

Related topics, whether related keywords have been on top of Google: 

In Ahrefs -> Organic search -> Organic keywords

Note: It's really difficult for Guest Post to find the right topic, let alone quality. So try to expand the relevance of the topic hierarchically & in principle as close as possible.

The Guest Post post after a period of posting has a good signal: 

This feature is an extremely convincing proof that the Guest Post site is quality, because your post has many good signals eg: Reach the top keywords niche for example.


For "brand new" projects, the time for me to implement GP is after about 1-3 months, after I have completed the set of content (content) according to the keywords that need SEO, and already have a background backlink (Social is not the same). term...)

After finding the source of Guest Post, I will further divide GP into 2 types for deployment: Quantity & Quality

  • Type 1 (Quantity): I filter out which sites are not of high quality according to my criteria (usually system sites) to get the quantity. How much is enough? that depends on the strategy and how you analyze. For me, after researching about 5-10 competitors, I will take the average Referring Domains number as a milestone.
Note: For the type of quantity (not only applies to GP but all other types of backlinks) I usually put the anchor text as: naked links, brands, here, click, see more websites... or the same. is the main keyword + brands...
  • Type 2: (Quality): After I have found really quality GPs, I try to find and build links regularly & often (eg: 1 week / 1 post)
Note: Regarding the Anchor text, I will prioritize using the exact keyword.


  • Plan carefully: Before Guest Post you need to have a specific strategy in terms of quantity, url, anchor text...
  • Respect other people's websites: Don't pay just to throw trash on other people's sites, try to cherish other people's websites like your own, do the best you can to win-win
  • How to distinguish Website quality for GP: Currently, there are many brothers and units "charming" all kinds of indicators to sell GP.
  • Research keywords & write useful content: Currently, most of you who go to Guest Post just need to get the link to finish, most of the content is spinning. All of this is a waste of time and money.
  • Discuss carefully with the Guest Post seller: Find a reputable person and unit, or at least a "real nick". Next is the cost agreement, what type of content is posted, how many links, dofollow or nofollow links, how long 3 months, 1 year or forever (of course "forever" you use only). relative)
  • Checking guest posts continuously: I myself when Guest Post encountered many cases such as: The post did not have a good signal, the post was deleted, the link was edited for both subjective and objective reasons (for example, the site owner sells site for others, the site owner quits the website, the trader is an employee then quits...)
Note: You need to manage your GP well, for me, create a sheet in an excel file that includes information such as: Post title, Author, Post date, Guest Post URL, Price, Number of links, type link, Post type, Backlink, Anchor text, Term, Especially contact information of the trader…. In this step you can occasionally use Screaming Frog SEO Spider for a quick health scan of GP URLs.
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