People's life is only because of this one word that struggles


People's life is only because of this one word that struggles
People's life is only because of this one word that struggles

People's life is only because of this one word that struggles, sometimes it has to pay the price with their lives, but the disaster has not come yet few people realize

People living in the world, if they can say no to this word, life will definitely be a little lighter.

Someone once said that life is a series of multiple choice questions, choosing right or wrong is up to you. So the problem is how to not check the wrong cell?

You have to be a little far-sighted, calm, and rationally weigh the pros and cons. When you understand what is most important, you will automatically find the right answer for you.

If it weren't for the word greed, people's lives would be much lighter.

Regret cheap toxic, harmful to health

Mr. Truong forgot to put the food he bought earlier in the refrigerator, and when he remembered to eat it, he discovered that the food was spoiled. Mr. Truong had previously experienced miserable days, so he was very thrifty every day, not willing to throw it away even when the food was rancid. He thought that the food after sterilization with high temperature would be fine, so he used cooking oil to fry it and then eat it.

His family advised him not to eat, eat and then have stomachache, benefit and harm. However, he still adamantly refused to listen, and insisted that even if there were real bacteria, the oil would have been boiled to death.

He also affirmed that the taste of the food was very good, there was no smell and fortunately he did not throw it away, or it would be a waste of money.

But it wasn't long before Mr. Truong was satisfied that his stomach began to hurt.

At first, he also thought that due to poor digestion, he limited his food intake, ate less than usual every meal and took medicine to support digestion.

People's life is only because of this one word that struggles
People's life is only because of this one word that struggles

But for a few days, his stomach still hurt, he couldn't stand it anymore, so he went to the hospital, checked, prescribed medicine, the money was much more expensive than the spoiled food. Moreover, not only did he lose money, but his stomach hurt for several days, causing Mr. Truong to be in pain. What a waste of money.

After that lesson, Mr. Truong seemed to be less stubborn, even though he regretted not keeping the rancid food.

People like Mr. Truong are in fact not few. It must be recognized that saving is a good habit, but food is to provide nutrients for the human body, so if food is not beneficial, must we eat it?

Behind the regret mentality may be greed. Many people who go to the buffet eat until they are full, making their stomachs overload, afraid that if they don't take advantage of eating a lot, they will lose.

Greedy bowl and plate

Ms. Ngo, after many years of accumulating a small amount of money to use for retirement, finds that she does not have much money in the bank, so she is always on the lookout for how to make the most profit.

Unable to overcome the temptation, Ms. Ngo began to eagerly dive into investing in financial management platforms. While at present, real and fake electronic financial management platforms are difficult to distinguish, most of them are multi-level in nature, although the profits look very good, but in the end most of them end up in the form of the "ponzi scheme" (borrowing money from one person to repay another).

To put it bluntly, "you aim for their profits, they target your capital", extremely risky. But she could not overcome the temptation of high profit, so Ms. Ngo invested in many items.

Indeed, at first, she also made some money. If the money is recovered in time, there may still be some benefit. But greed made her want to earn more and so she continued to invest more capital, resulting in nothing.

It is often said that "let down the long line, fish big". But today, scammers using only a small bait, can extract large amounts of money from the pockets of greedy and gullible people.

The stories that happened to Mr. Truong and Ms. Ngo are not isolated cases. This kind of greed for chopsticks to leave the tray like that often happens in today's life. These tragedies all stem from a word greed, for the sake of immediate gain, but lose the bigger ones.

Regret a little leftover food, greed for high profits, both Mr. Truong and Ms. Ngo had to pay the price with health and money. And out there, there are many people out there who even have to pay a higher price for the word greed, with their own lives.

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