Samsung announces SmartThings Energy that tracks electricity usage

Samsung just introduced SmartThings Energy to provide SmartThings app users with power usage capabilities so they can understand and make life changes to reduce overall usage.

Samsung is increasingly perfecting the SmartThings ecosystem
Samsung is increasingly perfecting the SmartThings ecosystem

According to Neowin, beyond simply monitoring how much electricity is being used, SmartThings Energy promises to provide users with energy-saving tips for its connected devices. For example, a refrigerator can remind the user not to cram too many things into it because air needs to circulate for effective cooling. SmartThings Energy can also be used to give alerts when a user is using too much power at a given time, such as turning on the TV when not at home.

Currently SmartThings Energy will only support Samsung home appliances and Samsung HVAC products but the company hopes to expand that to partners that work with SmartThings (WWST), as well as identify partners specializes in energy management.

Samsung has been busy adding new features to its SmartThings line. Last year, they released SmartThings Find - a feature that makes it easy for users to find their lost Galaxy phone or tablet even when it's not online. Earlier this year, it released SmartThings Cooking and SmartThings Clothing Care. While these new features are not directly related to home automation, they are a way to give users more visibility and control over their connected homes.

A Samsung executive said, “People are spending more time at home and using their devices more often, leading to the need for greater capacity and better energy efficiency. Our consumers want to participate in building a better, more environmentally friendly tomorrow, and we are proud to help them achieve that vision by providing a more energy-efficient smart home experience.” .

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