Somali army captures senior leader of al-Shabab

The Somali National Army (SNA) announced on July 25 that it had arrested Ali Mohamed Adan, a senior leader of the al-Shabab terrorist organization during a security operation in the town of Janaale, in the southern region of the country.

Somali army captures senior leader of al-Shabab
Somali army captures senior leader of al-Shabab

According to the SNA, Adan was in charge of al-Shabab's terrorist activities in the Lower Shabelle region. He is suspected of being behind a series of terrorist attacks, including planting mines along key roads in the region.

The SNA announced that it will intensify military operations to ensure the destruction of all remnants of al-Shabab in the areas still under the control of this terrorist organization.

The al-Shabaab group, believed to be linked to the international terrorist network al-Qaeda, regularly carries out car bombings and other attacks in the Somali capital Mogadishu against the communist government. international support.

In recent years, Somali government forces have stepped up their crackdown on al-Shabaab in the south and central part of the country, recapturing many areas formerly controlled by the extremist group. However, al-Shabaab elements are still capable of carrying out attacks in other parts of Somalia.

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