The vital factor in SEO - Onpage

Surely everyone knows what on-page SEO is: it is website optimization. If you read advanced SEO documents, you can list hundreds of checklists/categories that need to be addressed in onpage SEO, many of which are related to html, code...

We recommend that you optimize all those checklists even though it's quite complicated. But for someone who is not familiar with coding or who is new to SEO, I recommend that you focus and prioritize on more important factors, factors that strongly affect website rankings.

The vital factor in SEO - Onpage
The vital factor in SEO - Onpage

So what is the most important element in Onpage?

Onpage SEO to serve users, so what is important to users, that factor is the most important.

Still the logic associated with practice: Consider google as an information street, website as a store, users as customers.

First question:

How do customers find you? The answer is that you need to provide enough information for them to see. The store has a billboard/instruction, the website has a title tag (title), a description tag (description of information). That is the first information that Google and users see your website.

Second question:

What is the first thing they need when entering the store? It is the information that directs to the stall/product/information they need, they can find it themselves or ask the receptionist/salesman. In a website, the information that guides it is the website layout/structure.

Booths need to be neatly arranged, easy to find, and have reasonable positions and products. The website layout also needs to be easy to see, the information navigation bar, the catalog layout is reasonable so that users can easily find the information they need.

If the store has many products, how do they find products? Filter function, product classification... need to be reasonable.

Find the product then come...

Third question:

How do they buy? Of course, it depends on the information / product quality, price, customer's criteria / sales consulting ability... Similarly on the website it is the content of the product / the content of the article. provide to users: content needs to be coherent, good, beautifully presented, well led, towards user needs...

How do they come back? It's also an after-sales problem. If the quality of services and products is good, the website has more information they need and is more unique than other sites, then obviously they will remember me and come back.

Conclusion: consider the website as a store, how to optimize the store, optimize the website in the same way.

To summarize the most important elements that I see in onpage:

  1. Title, Description
  2. Website structure
  3. Content quality

It sounds theoretical and simple, right? In fact, to do well the 3 factors above requires a lot of skills in analyzing and creating content. Believe me, if you do excellently and better than your competitors in the above factors, then you already have the victory in Onpage. If you don't feel capable enough, learn and research more from competitors, from big websites, top websites.

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