U.S. tenants face hardship when subsidy program is not renewed

The US Government's measures to support renters during the COVID-19 epidemic period expired on August 1, threatening to push millions of people into homelessness.

Artwork sun-sentinel.com
Artwork sun-sentinel.com

This fact is causing US authorities to face pressure to urgently disburse billions of dollars in the slow-moving housing rental support package. However, the US Congress has so far not reached a consensus on extending these measures.

The moratorium on evictions for unpaid tenants is implemented according to the recommendations of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued in September 2020. This measure is intended to prevent millions of Americans from becoming homeless due to the loss of their jobs and the inability to pay rent and living expenses. Democrats have proposed extending the program until mid-October, but Republicans still hesitated, leading to the fact that lawmakers in the US House of Representatives took a break from July 31 and entered the summer vacation. without making a decision on the matter. So far, only $3 billion has reached households in a $25 billion aid package launched since February.

Faced with this fact, Democratic Senator Joe Manchin has called for the quick disbursement of the aid money and using it for its original purpose, which is to help renters pay for housing and electricity and water costs during this period. COVID-19 pandemic.

More than 25% of renters in some states will be affected when the subsidy program expires, according to the American Center for Policy Priorities and Budgets. Southern states are the hardest hit, while about 16% of households will owe their rent - double the level before the COVID-19 pandemic broke out.

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