What is Schema? 10 Types of Schema Markup SEO to increase %CTR

The first schema is a piece of HTML or javascript code embedded in your website, this code helps to mark the database on your website, from which it will help google recognize, classify and returns the fastest and most accurate results, when customers search for keywords related to your website. As I see it, schema plays an increasingly important role for a website, this is also a trend to improve onapage SEO in the future, through the schema code it will help your website declare the entity entity for your business. your.

What is Schema?
What is Schema?


Through the code schema you can declare your local business and schema person, these are the two groups I explained very well in the Entity section, if you haven't seen it, you can review it above. This is so that you can understand more about Entity how entity works.


In this section, the code schema will help you improve the %CTR of users when they search, this will help you to appear rich snippets, this is an advanced display optimization to help users pay attention. pay more attention to your website on google search engine, later I will introduce to you the schema types that you can apply to improve the %CTR of your website.


  • JSON-LD.
  • Microdata inserted in HTML code
  • RDFa applies when coding in HTML5

Of these 3 methods, the most popular is still JSON-LD, then this JSON-LD will be in the javascript code and will be inserted into the header of the website, it will be separated from the HTML part, it will make the page. Your website is cleaner.


  • Form 1. Schema organization about company and organization
  • Type 2. Schema Person this declares about people
  • Type 3. Schema Local Business this declares about your local business
  • Form 4. Schema Product this you can apply declaration to the products you are doing business, maybe you deploy on e-commerce sites, you can apply this so that it's optimized in terms of software. Show your products on search.
  • Form 5. Schema breadcrumb, this will optimize the display of your website's path on search
  • Type 6. Schema Article, this will declare the article that you post on news pages or your web blog.
  • This form of 7 Schema video you can declare when you embed your channel's video in your website and optimize the code for this video schema, this part will display the video thumbnail on your website on google search. .
  • Type 8. Schema Event this, when you do, it will list out the items that make it easier for users to pay attention to your website.
  • Type 9. Schema FAQ, this is a schema in the form of questions and answers, this will appear in the form of a list of questions, when the user lists the question, it will drop down to the answer to the question, this is also a help form. Make it easier for users to notice your website.
  • Form 10. The final Schema Rating is the rating schema in the form of a 5-star rating on your website.
10 Types of Schema Markup SEO to increase %CTR
10 Types of Schema Markup SEO to increase %CTR

If you use the website on the wordpress platform, you can easily install the schema code through the schema pro plugin, this one you can install and you can learn more about this schema pro. there will be full in it, then you can easily declare the schema code you want to install. And if your website is hand coded, you can refer to the sample schema code you have for your side. Under Description, you can download and see that schema template, it's a sample of local business and person, you can refer to that schema code for you to insert into your website.

There is a note when you install the schema code, you should note one thing that when declaring the Schema Entity, you should only insert it on the homepage, you should not insert a series of other pages, then it will The algorithm overlaps the information about the code schema on the pages, note that you only insert it on the homepage. Finally to test the schema code, you can access the google structure data link to test this schema code to see if it succeeds or not, I will leave the link below for you to have You can enter the test, next you can submit the website to google or embed the code you have tested and the website will then submit to google.

If you want to learn more about schema, you can search on google schema markup, this will bring up a lot of search results. It will explain more specifically to you about this schema code, in this video. I just share an overview of the schema code and the parts that interest you when you learn about schema.
Those are all the issues I want to share about the schema, if you have any questions, you can comment below, I will support to answer as soon as possible, stop forgetting to subscribe to my channel. I want to follow the next videos, now I say hello and see you again.

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