8 Future Marketing Trends You Can't Miss

Facing the constant changes in the marketing field today requires not only students but also experienced marketers to constantly learn and update new knowledge. From there, we can grasp market trends, understand consumer behavior and psychology to determine the right direction for businesses.

Let's find out the following 8 future marketing trends to change your mind, improve your vision and gain useful knowledge.

8 Future Marketing Trends You Can't Miss
8 Future Marketing Trends You Can't Miss


Affiliate marketing (Affiliate Marketing), using intermediaries to connect with individual and professional publishers will help businesses minimize Marketing costs, focus costs on paying commissions rather than doing it yourself.

Affiliate has been growing for several years now in Vietnam. Looking at the development of Accesstrade, it can be seen that the number of merchants (product suppliers) and publishers (distributors and sellers) increased sharply in both quantity and quality, showing that 2019 continues to be a year of strong growth. of Affiliate. If there are more powerful players, it is certain that businesses will be the first beneficiaries when putting products into such systems.


Reports by Google and Temasek show that in 2018 Vietnam's e-commerce market witnessed a huge capital source of domestic and foreign giants. The number of customers shopping online has skyrocketed. 2018 is also the first time that 5 Vietnamese businesses have entered the top 10 e-commerce websites with the highest traffic in Southeast Asia.

In terms of ecosystems, e-commerce platforms have undergone rapid evolution over the years in terms of product diversity, technology infrastructure, and support services. E-commerce model changed from C2C ​​(users sell to users), B2C (businesses sell to users), B2B2C... has developed stably. Some new models gradually appear and promise to dominate such as selling on social networks, on mobile phones.


In an increasingly competitive market to attract customers' attention, video will be a golden communication channel to boost search rankings, engagement and website traffic.

Over the past year, 65% of companies in Vietnam have increased their video advertising budget, and the cost of video advertising on Youtube has also increased, accounting for 16% of the average total advertising cost of the brand. This clearly reflects Vietnam's media consumption preferences and habits. This shows that video is still the leading content marketing method today.


Vietnam is an extremely potential market for mobile application development, creating favorable conditions for brands and agencies to create unique marketing strategies right on mobile applications.

Thanks to the outstanding convenience, hundreds of applications are becoming "separable objects" of Vietnamese users: ride-hailing apps, food ordering apps, shopping apps, news reading apps, social networks , payment applications…., making brands not afraid to spend heavily to market on these applications.


With the help of technology, getting customer data is now quite easy. Business may collect from online advertising campaigns and demographic data; data from a customer relationship management system or may purchase data from a 3rd party.

The key point here is that businesses must understand the data they have to identify the right customers and have a good filter, more opportunities to increase revenue for the business, avoiding the side effects that make customers evil. feel for the brand.

Targeting the right purpose and optimizing huge data sources (big data) can bring growth in many aspects for marketing campaigns such as: sales effectiveness, user experience for services, efficiency. Marketing ROI, profit, business growth, brand awareness, investment capital...


Obviously, we are all 'grown up' with social media. Do you turn on your phone to check Facebook Messenger or surf the News Feed every time you wake up? Did you watch at least one YouTube video in the past week? Or have you ever spent time watching interesting videos on the Tiktok app?

This is the fastest growing trend in the history of the world. Even, the user growth rate of social networks is faster than the growth rate of Internet users. Therefore, Social Media Marketing is an inevitable trend that every marketer should not ignore, especially in the current 4.0 era.


Content marketing is still very important and growing. 70% of people surveyed said that they would rather learn about a business through an article than an advertisement. And more importantly, content marketing is still the most economical form of marketing compared to other forms. This is also a form that can generate many potential customers.

Blog posts, videos, images, or text are all different forms of content marketing.

8. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence drives more efficient data analytics, making it easier for marketers to deliver personalized ads to their customers, including personalized content and unique outreach journeys. unique.

AI applied to digital marketing, specifically marketing automation, can help brands manage virtually all touchpoints in the customer lifecycle between brands and customers, from reach ), increase interaction (engage), attract, analyze data, optimize lead generation, take care of customers (customer services) to develop loyalty (loyalty) & return to the brand...

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