How Much Does SEO Cost?

The implementation of an SEO project if you outsource, you will need to pay attention to 2 factors, the first factor is the effective side of that SEO project, then this I have made a video to share about The 3 indicators that determine the success of an SEO project, you can review above. Factor 2 is how much it costs you to invest in an SEO project to make it effective for you. In this video, I will share with you the expenses that you will need to spend when outsourced, so now I invite you to watch the video.

First, I want to determine with you the costs I am about to say, it only applies to you hiring a freelance SEO person, because if you hire an agency, the cost will definitely be much higher. Much more than hiring a freelance SEO.

How Much Does SEO Cost?
How Much Does SEO Cost?


I will start with the fact that you do not have a website, you will need to spend money to make a standard SEO website, if you have already built a website, you can deduct this cost. , if you haven't built yet, you need to prepare a cost for you to build a website, it will include items such as buying a domain name, hosting and finally the standard SEO source code for the website, then I mentioned this in the video 7 steps to prepare for an SEO project, then if you haven't seen it, you can review it above, so you can know how to choose a domain name and then buy a host and host it. How to deploy the source code of the website for it to be SEO-friendly.


The second thing you need to spend is that you will spend it to hire a freelance SEO, here when you hire a freelance SEO to implement the project for you, the freelancer will do things like: :

  • Make an overall SEO plan from 6 months to 1 year
  • Master keyword planning
  • Divide keywords for content by month
  • Website Audit
  • Upload written content and optimize images on that article
  • Find quality guest post sites and plan to publish articles on those guest post sites
  • Link building
  • Social Entity Deployment
  • Report SEO work progress weekly and monthly


The third item is the cost of content, usually there will be a content writer to help you write this SEO article, then this friend will be responsible for receiving keyword lists, keyword topics from your SEO, you content will write the article and send it back to you SEO to upload to the website to optimize onpage, images and internal links for that article.


The fourth item is that you need to invest in booking reputable online newspaper sites to help you promote your brand as well as return quality backlinks for your website.


Clause 5 is the cost that you need to buy a guest post for your website, the guest post page here is usually a page on the same topic as your website, has quality and is reputable to google, If you want to learn more about these types of quality backlinks, you can review the video 7 types of quality backlinks that you need to invest in, you can review that video above to know more about it. 7 types of links that help you improve the quality of your website as well as the keywords that you are doing SEO.


The sixth item is that you build Social Entity, then this helps you create brand coverage on google and it will help you diversify the domain of your website as well as help google identify the page. If your website is an entity, this one I made an analysis video about what Entity is, you can review it above so you can better understand Entity as well as implementing Entity building like how to be effective.


Those are the 6 costs that you need to spend when you implement an SEO project, if you have any questions, you can comment below, I will support you to answer as soon as possible. , don't forget to subscribe to my SEO Walking channel to follow the next videos, now I say hello and see you again.

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