Origin of Covid-19: The US special investigation team disbanded, announced the report publicly in 2022

This investigation has been covered from the very beginning with allegations of corruption and conflicts of interest.

Mr. Peter Daszak in the WHO Covid-19 origin investigation team in Wuhan
Mr. Peter Daszak in the WHO Covid-19 origin investigation team in Wuhan

RT news agency (Russia) reported that, after a year of operation, the task force consisting of senior scientists specializing in investigating the origin of Covid-19 has been disbanded. Professor Jeffrey Sachs of Columbia University told the Wall Street Journal on Saturday (September 26) that he had disbanded the group on the grounds that the group's former leader used US government money to research the virus. corona at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, China. This is the facility that many believe is the origin of the COVID-19 epidemic.

Professor Jeffrey Sachs
Professor Jeffrey Sachs

I don't want the group to be explicitly involved in one of the key elements of this whole origin search. It's EcoHealth Alliance," said Sachs, referring to a private research consortium that received $600,000 in funding from the US National Institutes of Health to study coronaviruses caused by bats in the lab. experience from 2015-2019.

Professor Sachs said the task force was disbanded in mid-September and will publish its findings in mid-2022. Mr. Sachs added that the scientists involved will now conduct the investigation. investigate broader issues of laboratory security and surveillance.

Affiliated with the medical journal The Lancet and founded in 2020, the original research team was led by EcoHealth Alliance president Peter Daszak. In February last year, Peter Daszak said that the Covid-19 theory leaked from the Wuhan laboratory was just rumors and inaccurate information. He and his colleagues condemned "conspiracy theories that create fear, dangerous rumors for global cooperation in the fight against Covid-19".

However, shocking documents released this week revealed that in 2018 he had a proposal to help the Wuhan Institute of Virology learn and prepare a more deadly bat virus by adding different types of bat viruses. This virus has similar characteristics to those found in Covid-19. He thinks this is the best way to detect and prevent a pandemic globally.

Mr. Peter Daszak - President of Ecohealth Alliance Group
Mr. Peter Daszak - President of Ecohealth Alliance Group

Finally in June, chairman Peter Daszak withdrew from the research team and transferred leadership to Professor Sachs, the group's stance that Covid-19 was caused by a leak in the laboratory. is that "conspiracy theory" becomes "a possibility"

In a letter published in The Lancet shortly before the group disbanded, the scientists wrote that they needed to "investigate all hypotheses on a reasonable basis and evaluate the probability of each occurring. based on data and evidence”.

The letter also raised the early blame on the Wuhan laboratory as the origin of the COVID-19 epidemic, which made the Chinese government not enthusiastic to participate in the investigation. The World Health Organization (WHO) says China tried to cover up the causes of the Covid-19 epidemic and refused to provide data on the first cases it recorded since the end of 2019. .

The WHO fact-finding trip to Wuhan in early 2021 has yet to find an answer to the question of the origin of the pandemic. As someone who was also on the trip, Mr. Daszak still said the probability of a pandemic leak from the lab was "extremely unlikely", even after witnessing the effort not to share data from China. Country.

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