Ronaldo's beautiful action meets the wishes of the persistent fans

Ronaldo responded to the young fans' wishes with a touching gesture on the way to the training ground.

Ronaldo stopped the car to meet the wishes of MU fans
Ronaldo stopped the car to meet the wishes of MU fans

The young man stood by the roadside, near the entrance to the Carrington training ground, holding a sign in his hand in the hope that the owner of the 5 Golden Balls could see him. On the sign read: "Ronaldo, please, can you stop. It will make my weekend meaningful."

When the 36-year-old superstar drove close to the training ground and saw the passionate fan's offer, he stopped and pulled the Lamborghini Urus (price in Vietnam is 20 billion VND) to the side of the road to take pictures with the teenager. It was a small but moving gesture from the man who has scored three goals in two appearances since returning to Manchester.

MU fans
MU fans

Not only MU fans, many rival fans are crazy about Ronaldo. During his trip to Switzerland to meet Young Boys, Ronaldo received passionate, sometimes a bit extreme love from the host fan. In the pre-match interview, when Bruno Fernandes and Paul Pogba answered the press, the fans in the stands shouted: "Bring Ronaldo out."

A series of fans also brought a sign asking for CR7 shirts. After the game, they went to MU's hotel to wait for the 36-year-old superstar. When the MU bus left, dozens of boys followed to see the idol.

Ronaldo's appearance not only affects the fans, it also affects the players. However, coach Ole Solskjaer rejected all views that MU players could not adapt to the presence of the superstar born in 1985. "I think this is normal, we have just signed a good player. Always. There's a lot of attention around Ronaldo, he deals with it and other players just do their thing."

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