Silently testing new long-range missile, North Korea declares "success"

North Korea says it has successfully tested a newly developed long-range cruise missile.

Silently testing new long-range missile, North Korea declares "success"
Silently testing new long-range missile, North Korea declares "success"

North Korea's state news agency KCNA said on September 13 that the cruise missile had been in development for two years. It "hit the target at a distance of 1,500 km during the test on September 11 and 12", the flight time was 2 hours, according to KCNA.

Pyongyang hailed the new cruise missile as a "strategic weapon of great significance" in response to leader Kim Jong-un's call to strengthen the military.

The South Korean military has not yet commented on the North's test.

Previously, in March 2021, North Korea also fired two short-range ballistic missiles into the sea. Since then, Pyongyang has conducted no further missile or nuclear tests while Kim Jong-un focuses on efforts to contain the Covid-19 pandemic and salvage the economy affected by the shutdown. border.

In January this year, the North Korean leader pledged to strengthen the country's nuclear deterrence in the face of US sanctions and pressure. Kim Jong-un mentioned a list of new sophisticated weapons, including long-range intercontinental ballistic missiles, nuclear-powered submarines, spy satellites and tactical nuclear weapons.

Negotiations between the United States and North Korea have stalled since the summit between President Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un in 2019. Washington rejected requests for sanctions relief made by Pyongyang to reduce its nuclear capabilities. North Korea has refused to dialogue with the administration of President Joe Biden, asking Washington to abandon its "hostile" policies first.

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