Wildfires continue in Greece

Greece's fire brigade said a forest fire broke out in the northeast of Athens on September 20, many pine trees were burned and people in the area had to be evacuated.

Wildfires continue in Greece
Wildfires broke out in Skinos, south of Athens, Greece. File photo: AFP

This is the latest forest fire in Greece after the country suffered several deadly wildfires last month due to the effects of a heat wave that officials say is linked to the state of the Earth. Warming. The fire broke out at 22:35 (local time) in the town of Nea Makri, 38 km northeast of Athens. About 70 firefighters and 20 fire engines participated in extinguishing the fire.

A series of forest fires broke out in Greece in early August, mainly northwest of Athens, killing three people and burning more than 100,000 hectares of forest. These fires broke out amid the devastating wildfire season that is taking place in southern European countries including Spain, Italy, Croatia, France and Chypriote. According to scientists, extreme weather and large forest fires will become more and more common due to global warming related to human activities.

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