1,000 brutal torture videos that shook Russia: Raping, urinating on prisoners - Revealing "seismic" developments

RT said that the videos recently released by an organization are just the beginning of the material they are about to release. Shocking footage was recorded in many Russian prisons.

A decade ago, Vladimir Osechkin was sentenced to seven years in prison for fraud. Quickly paroled, he left Russia after authorities eased his travel restrictions.

Osechkin is still wanted by Russia for questioning on a number of charges. Now, however, as the founder of the Gulagu.net platform, Osechkin is working to improve the Russian prison system remotely.

A series of torture videos that shocked Russia

Earlier this week, more than 1,000 videos released by Mr. Osechkin and his colleagues documenting activities inside a prison hospital in the Saratov region (Russia) created a wave of outrage in Russia.

In a video that is several minutes long, a man believed to be a prisoner can be seen tied to a bed screaming while an employee repeatedly pokes him with a stick.

Other clips released by Gulagu.net show prisoners being urinated on or forced to perform sexual acts in front of the camera.

President Vladimir Putin's spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that "if these videos are confirmed to be genuine, then the government will of course open a full investigation."

1,000 brutal torture videos that shook Russia
A scene cut from a video torturing prisoners at a prison in Saratov (Russia)

After the videos went viral on October 6, the director of Russia's federal prison service Alexander Kalashnikov quickly fired four officers in Saratov, including Pavel Gatsenko, the head of the hospital. Saratov Institute - where the tortures are said to have taken place - and several high-ranking officials.

Mr. Kalashnikov also fired the leader of the prison administration in Saratov, Colonel Alexey Fedotov, "for gravely wrong decisions in operations and services".

Among the four officers fired in Saratov was Sergey Maltsev, the head of the prison's security department. Mr. Osechkin alleges that Mr. Maltsev is “the initiator and mastermind of the whole process… he coordinates, administers and gives orders. He told them to take a video, he controlled it and gave the results to the security services."

Osechkin alleges that these clips were then used to blackmail and intimidate prisoners.

What's next: More shocking material to be released soon

Mr. Osechkin told RT news agency (Russia) that the released videos are only a prelude to material his team will release in the coming weeks. According to him, shocking scenes have been recorded in prisons such as “SIZO-1 and SIZO-6 in Irkutsk, SIZO-1 in Vladimir, SIZO-1 in Omsk, SIZO-1 in Krasnoyarsk” and prisons is different.

"We're reviewing the video inventory and publishing it piecemeal," Osechkin said. "We have identified nearly all of the prisoners who appeared in the videos. Now, lawyers and investigators will work with them and prosecute at least 10 criminal cases for these heinous acts. The subjects who are about to be prosecuted have all committed crimes long ago."

1,000 brutal torture videos that shook Russia
1,000 brutal torture videos that shook Russia

Snezhana Muntyan, a lawyer who works with Mr Osechkin and Gulagu.net, told RT that "I am currently representing victims in the proceedings of three rape cases".

The cases are still under investigation, she said, in which the male plaintiff sued the prison staff, but "there is information about potential victims in similar cases so it's all just a matter of fact." It's only a matter of time. I think everything will be made public in the near future."

Ms Muntyan also revealed later on October 7 that "there are currently 14 people giving testimony" to her.

"I am waiting for the right moment to ask the Investigative Committee to open a criminal investigation. And these are only the people who decided to speak out about the crimes against them, most of them have been released and not subject to the charges. pressure from prison."

The female lawyer also expressed concern that some potential victims and witnesses may be pressured to remain silent because they do not want to suffer further troubles in prison.

According to Ms. Muntyan, at least one inmate she spoke to "appeared to be afraid that if he told the truth to his lawyer, and if this were known to prison staff, there could be consequences." negative consequences for him".

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