80% of suffering in life comes from this!

Only intelligent people can wake up from suffering "falling from the sky".


Tsuneko Nakamura is a psychiatrist working at a hospital in Nara Prefecture, Japan. His secret to working happily during his 30 years of work can only be summed up in 3 words: No comparison.

Every day at work, all colleagues or patients can clearly see that he is always calm and comfortable in any situation. Tsuneko Nakamura is always gentle, never conflicts with colleagues. Even if another young doctor was promoted to a higher rank or someone was favored by a superior, he was not too concerned.

Tsuneko Nakamura's opinion has never changed: "Each person has a separate life. Contrary to joy, comparing yourself with others only makes you jealous and negative."

80% of suffering in life comes from this!
80% of suffering in life comes from this!


There is a parable like this:

The pig lamented: "If there is a next life, I want to become a buffalo, because I'm tired of plowing, but the boss still appreciates it."

The eagle added: "If there is a next life, I want to be a chicken, when I am hungry there is rice, when I am thirsty, I do not have to worry about fighting or defending myself."

And the chicken said: "If there is a next life, I want to become an eagle, be free to fly in the sky, travel everywhere."


There is another story about the sadness of the rich and the joy of the poor. Therefore, the poor asked the rich: "You have thousands of hectares of fertile land, so many buffaloes and pigs, why is your face still so sad?".

The rich man replied: "I have a lot of wealth, but there are also many people who have more wealth than me. You have no wealth, why are you still so happy?".

The poor replied, "I still have enough rice for three meals a day, I still have enough clothes to wear, so I don't have to worry about anything."

80% of suffering in life comes from this
80% of suffering in life comes from this


You see, no one in life is always unlucky from start to finish. And of course, no one is always 100% lucky. While you are "busy" comparing yourself to others, if you knew how to use your time, you wouldn't have wasted that much thinking about losing.

Writer Marshall Luxemburg said, "Comparing with others is the beginning of a miserable life".

80% of troubles and sufferings in life stem from comparisons. Whether a person lives happily or not does not depend on the amount of material possessions and possessions, but on your benevolent wishes. As long as you are satisfied with yourself, don't care too much about what others think, your life will automatically become the dream life of many people: peace and contentment.

Not comparing is the way of life of a wise man. Everyone has a busy, full-fledged private life. Focusing too much on other people's lives and then being sad for no reason, criticizing your own life is like destroying yourself. Remember, whether you are happy or not has nothing to do with other people!

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