After the Nations League championship, France will dye the world football map green?

Not long after saying goodbye to Euro 2020 in shame, the French team comforted fans with the UEFA Nations League championship. However, what the French are interested in is bigger than this championship.

After the Nations League championship, France will dye the world football map green?
After the Nations League championship, France will dye the world football map green?

Perfect Champion

Temporarily setting aside the controversial factor surrounding Kylian Mbappe's goal, the world is forced to admit that the French team's UEFA Nations League victory is completely deserved.

France's level is much higher than that of Belgium and Spain. It shows through stubbornness and consistency in the way of attacking and maintaining the position.

Looking at how France was crowned at the 2018 World Cup and the recent UEFA Nations League, many French fans believe that the defeat at Euro 2020 was just an accident arranged by fate.

Many dreamers have begun to think about the 2022 World Cup. In the context that many big players in the world such as Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal... are struggling with the generational transition, France desirable stability has been achieved.

France once again asserted its dominant position after defeat at Euro 2020.
France once again asserted its dominant position after defeat at Euro 2020.

The force in the hands of coach Didier Deschamps at this time is the fusion of all the elements that a champion needs. Those are the world's top elites such as Kylian Mbappe, Paul Pogba, Antoine Griezmann, the experience of Karim Benzema, Hugo Lloris, the youth of Aurélien Tchouameni, Moussa Diaby, a group of players entering the ninth stage of their career. career like Benjamin Pavard, Lucas Hernandez…

Compared to the fact that Portugal can only rely on Cristiano Ronaldo, Argentina still lives on Lionel Messi, Brazil breathes with Neymar's breath, England and Belgium are always erratic in good or bad matches, what France has, in terms of logic theory, is more than enough for them to build an entire era of domination.

Is it possible that, after the period when Spain's tiki-taka scared the whole world, it was France's turn to dye the world football map green?

Is there a "slow-explosion bomb" within France?

If we measure the opportunity of the French team purely based on technical factors, it is true that Les Bleus hardly has a worthy opponent. However, if football were only a story about expertise, we would not have had miracles like the event Greece won the Euro or Leicester won the Premier League.

Greece and Leicester have proven to world football once again the importance of solidarity – which many suspect is what will destroy France's chances for future dominance.

Of the links that can be released from the seemingly perfect French fighting machine, solidarity is the weakest link, but the most fatal.

There are too many quotes to cite France's lack of solidarity. The most recent event was the event that Adrien Rabiot's mother - Veronique cursed and attacked, almost leading to a fight with the family of Paul Pogba and Kylian Mbappe in the stands after France was eliminated from Euro 2020 by Switzerland.

The unity within the French team is what worries the fans.
The unity within the French team is what worries the fans.

Most experts believe that Veronique's targeting of Pogba and Mbappe's family comes from deeper causes than a sudden outburst of anger.

The mainstream press believes that Veronique's anger stems from the conflict between Rabiot and Pogba on the field. Meanwhile, many sources on the sidelines raised their views when talking about racism that always exists quietly within the French team.

It's not unreasonable that fans have this inference. In 2011, the internet suddenly appeared an audio recording allegedly between coach Laurent Blanc and technical director Francois Blaquart revolving around the issue of "restriction of black players in the French team".

Although Blanc was later proven innocent, this scandal still left many people who love the French team prejudiced about discrimination and hidden contradictions within the national team. It's like a ticking time bomb that can explode at any moment.

Before the 2014 World Cup, Samir Nasri's wife publicly cursed coach Didider Deschamps because he did not summon Nasri to the national team. But the case of Nasri's wife cursing Deschamps is of course not as terrible as the scandal at the 2010 World Cup, when the entire French team went on strike against coach Raymond Domenech.

The scandal, which is considered the most shameful in the history of French football, has caused 23 French first team players to be suspended simultaneously.

The seemingly solid links in the French team are actually not as strong as many people imagine. Paul Pogba is having fun and when he's happy, he can do magic.

But as long as Pogba or some players always live in the feeling that they can become a victim of discrimination, suffer a small attack that leads to a chain collapse, Deschamps' mighty army can be crushed at any time. any time.

There are always potential dangers such as slow-explosive bombs that exist within France, threatening the long-term stability of Les Bleus.

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