[Basic SEO] How Search Engines Work

This article will help you understand how search engines work. Understanding how search engines work, you will know in the process of doing SEO how you should.

The Google search engine has two main functions: crawling and building a website index list. From what they earn, Google provides searchers with a list of website rankings according to the keywords they think are most relevant.

To understand better, we will go through each item: 

I. Website crawling and indexing

You can imagine that the website system is like Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi, with the websites being bus stops.

Google bots are buses, however, Google bots do not follow the available route like a normal bus, but just meet the turns, they will arbitrarily choose their own path.

[Basic SEO] How Search Engines Work
[Basic SEO] How Search Engines Work

Each link on the website is a path for Google bots to take. So, learning SEO, must remember that:

Website link structure is the main tool to promote website crawlability and indexing.

Google bots will follow the links on the website to go to other pages of the website, every time Google bots go to a certain page, they will start decoding the website and then store that data in the data centers. Google's database.

Each time it completes storing the website's data information into Google's data, it is once the website is indexed.

II. User Search Feedback

Search engines use the data stored through the above crawling and indexing, and will return search results to users after using search ranking algorithms.

When a person performs a search on Google, the Google search engine retrieves hundreds of thousands of its archives in its database. It will then return relevant and useful results for the user's search queries. However, to be more precise, the returned results will also be ranked according to the evaluation criteria, which is a condition for the appearance of SEO.

So what criteria does Google rank websites based on?

Google doesn't do it manually when determining the relevance of search keywords to their available data. Instead, they use algorithms to analyze the fit, then rank them in order of quality from top to bottom.

Google's algorithm is evaluated against more than 200 different criteria. That is more than 200 Google ranking factors. For more details, you can refer to the article 200 Search Engine Ranking Factors from Moz.

That's what we need to know about How Search Engines Work. Before starting with SEO, you need to understand how search engines work, master it before you can start other knowledge.

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