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Behind The Dune, walkthrough  Here is a path to see everything. Pick Duncan Idaho in the communications room. The people who follows you (click on the lower left faces) always give clues to continue the story or have new erotic scenes. Meet Lady Jessica and say: “What does this Reverend Mother expect from me?” “The Reverend Mother is so hot!” “It’s okay, I will handle it.” JESSICA TOPLESS “Can I play with them.” ​gives​: JESSICA’S BOOBJOB Ask Lady Jessica to follow you and meet the Reverend Mother in the library. She will test you. Give at least 2 good answers. “Your presence honors our family Reverend Mother.” “Do you know what makes a man, young Atreides?” “Being prepared to do the right thing…” or -“A pair of testicles.” “You have been trapped by an enemy of your kind…” “Fake that I’m dead…” or “Kill myself so I won’t be tortured…” In the box, answer fast ​“Stop, i’m not an animal.” REVEREND MOTHER HANDJOB Take an ornithopter, Go to the village. Say to the smuggler: “I need to find workers to hire.”​ Then on your map, you have a new place to go to, a sietch. The Fremen there, Sabibah, will work for you. Then if you click about 4 times on the red button of her stillsuit, you will have the opportunity: “Recycling “water”… You drink your urine?”​ then SABIBAH (Fremen with a scar) PEE SCENE

Behind The Dune Walk Through
Behind The Dune Walk Through

Visit the new sietchs on your map to find a Fremen. She will show new sietches. Visit them until you meet the fremen with very short hair, Anbarin. It means you have visited Dune enough, Lady Jessica can teach you the Voice (at level 1). You can use it on every fremen after a: “​Let’s not talk about spice.​” SABIBAH (Fremen with scar) BLOWJOB KHAIRA (Tattooed Fremen) BLOWJOB ANBARIN (Short hair) BLOWJOB It’s long to watch them, so don’t forget to go to communications room and use the machine to send spice the the emperor. After the first spice send and all these trips, Stilgar waits for you in front of the palace. Make him meet the duke Leto, so he trusts in you. You have now 2 new sietches, and their door to the water reserve is opened. You can find Zakiya there. The palace will be attacked by Harkonnens very soon (5 days maximum). ZAKIYA (Dreadlocks Fremen) BLOWJOB

Side missions, the spice (do whenever you want):  Go to the village to by a harvester to the smuggler. Give it to a Fremen that live in a 3% chance of sandworm place. That will give enough spice without caring about sandworms. Eventually send the Fremen without harvesters on a high chance of sandworms place. There is more spice there. Skip days to have more spice. When you go to the smuggler you can pay for: WATCH AND PLAY WITH THE SMUGGLER’S BOOBS WATCH THE SMUGGLER PUSSY (click it to open it more) HAVE SEX WITH THE SMUGGLER Go to the palace. You are caught by the Harkonnen captain. Say: “I don’t want to die a virgin.” / “-Can I taste your pussy before?” / “[Get undressed]” DEEP BLOWJOB BY THE CAPTAIN Use her grenades to escape and go to Sietch Ergsun.

You will meet Chani. Talk to her until you can say ​“Be mine forever, sexy lady.” Answers to her questions are: “Stillsuit” “House Harkonnen” “Blood saturated with spice” “Shai-Hulud” “Shaitan” If you answer well or have everything wrong, you now can: WATCH CHANI NAKED HAVE SEX WITH CHANI If you fail, the scenario continues anyway. Talk to Lady Jessica to have the Voice level 2 (if you did not have the level1, no problem, you aren’t late anymore). You can now meet the Fremen and get: ANBARIN’S ARMPIT JOB ZAKIYA ANAL SCENE KHAIRA’S HANDJOB (If her father, Stilgar, is not with you!) Your mother wants now to swim: LADY JESSICA GETS NAKED If you have used the Voice on about 3 Fremen, you start to be an expert. Stilgar hears about it and starts to doubt about you. But you can now try the voice on Lady Jessica. After 2 or 3 unsuccessful tries, you have: LADY’S JESSICA BLOWJOB SEX WITH LADY JESSICA (She kills you if you do it 4 times)

Paul has a vision of the future 2 days after meeting Chani. Talk about it to Lady Jessica. Then follow Stilgar to the village. Talk to the Spacing Guild navigator until you can ask for “​special equipments​” to defeat the Harkonnens. Buy a ghola to the smuggler. Ghola Duncan is better. Ghola Leto prevents the Harkonnen end and sex with his concubine. When you have the ghola (after 10 days…that you can skip), go to see Lady Jessica. He will recover his original memory after the ANAL WITH LADY JESSICA

What if  you killed Stilgar?  Replace him with his ghola (if you did not bought one already). To have the atomics, buy them to the smuggler.

Now follow the ghola to the new sietch to find the atomics. Then meet Stilgar to start the final assault. Do what he says to you, go tell his daughter. Then you can finally use an ornithopter to go to the palace, for the final battle. You will talk to Princess Irulan in the communications room. Say: “​My eyes have changed, and the way I see things too.”​ to have access to: PRINCESS IRULAN NAKED IBAD SPERM ON IRULAN

Epilogues  Continue to the throne room. It’s the end. You can see only one so follow these answers to the one you want (little differences depending on the ghola) : “Nice, I am the duke Atreides now.” does NO VENGEANCE END (Paul goes back to Caladan. No sex.) or with Leto, BACK TO NORMAL (Leto, Jessica and Paul back to Caladan. No sex) “You both killed my father, bitches.” “Yes, exactly what my mother said.” THE BOOK END (Irulan and Chani on Paul) or with Leto, EMPEROR LETO RULES (Irulan and Lady Jessica on Leto) “I don’t care about being an emperor. They must die.” “Continue.” If you click ​“[Kill the baron]” FUCK THE IMPERIUM (Nipple fuck the Spacing Guild navigator) But if you click​ “Let’s make an alliance, baron.” HARKONNEN END (Threesome with the baron, Paul and Lady Jessica)

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