Did Apple give up innovation for profit in the post-Steve Jobs era?

Ten years after founder Steve Jobs died, Apple has become the world's most valuable corporation, but fans of the tech legend expressed disappointment that Apple had lost innovation impetus.

Did Apple give up innovation for profit in the post-Steve Jobs era?
Did Apple give up innovation for profit in the post-Steve Jobs era?

Enderle Group technology analyst Rob Enderle says Apple has lost its ability to launch products that can revolutionize the market and become a successful, profit-focused corporation. in retaining loyal customers.

Apple has impacted hundreds of millions of people since its inception in 1976, with devices like the iPod hitting the market in 2001 and the Internet-connected iPhone in 2007. Next, the public corporation. This technology gave birth to the Apple Watch smart watch.

Analyst Carolina Milanesi said that Apple's measure has always been innovation, and another aspect to measure the success of a business is its ability to change itself.

Apple has developed many services across its devices such as music, payments, video, and games. The group has had to expand beyond hardware, a strategy Ms. Milanesi says is to attract customers and retain them. It's a development that Jobs may not object to, as he is a man who always wants to control the customer experience from start to finish.

Ten years ago, the Apple brand was worth about $350 billion, and now it's $2,358 billion. According to analyst Dan Ives, Apple will be worth $ 3 trillion in the next 6-9 months.

Like many observers and unlike some of Mr. Jobs' fans, Mr. Ives believes that Apple never stops innovating. In particular, this analyst refers to the development of the M1 chip to replace the Intel chip in some devices. According to him, Apple is constantly growing and innovating over time.

Mr. Ives emphasized that the iPhone will continue to be the "heart and lung" of Apple's growth story for years to come, but a virtual reality headset and even an Apple-branded car could have a negative impact. likely to be born in 2024.

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