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Zabbix Cookbook
Zabbix Cookbook

Zabbix Cookbook is a book that provides how to create and administer a Zabbix server. If you are new, you should read this book to understand all the basic features to advanced on Zabbix.

Zabbix is an open source enterprise software that monitors networks and applications, created by Alexei Vladishev and published for the first time in 2001. It is designed to help network administrators monitor and monitor status. of network services, servers and other network hardware intelligently to ensure the system is always stable.

Starting with this book, you will learn Zabbix in order from easy to difficult. First, you will learn how to configure and install Zabbix in the most detailed way, then you will learn its core interface and architecture. Next, groups, users and powers help you manage your staff well. In Part 3, you’ll learn how to build detailed and intelligent reporting charts. Finally how to maintain, fix and operate.

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