Facebook adds new feature in Instagram app

On October 11, the photo-sharing application Instagram of the social network Facebook said that this application is testing a feature that sends notifications directly to users on this application, in case of technical problems. or interrupted operations on this platform.

The Instagram application is installed on the phone screen. Photo: AFP
The Instagram application is installed on the phone screen. Photo: AFP

This move by Instagram comes after the world's largest social network Facebook experienced two "network outages" globally last week. Specifically, on October 8, Facebook experienced a technical problem that resulted in the interruption of some key services including Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and Workplace for 2 hours. Previously, on October 4, Facebook also experienced a similar problem that lasted for 6 hours, affecting 3.5 billion users worldwide and causing the company's stock price to drop about 3% for the week.

According to Instagram, the tests of this app will be carried out in the US for several months. In addition, the company plans to launch a feature that notifies users in case their accounts are at risk of being disabled.

Earlier this week, Facebook also said it would add new features in its apps to protect teenagers from harmful content. The move comes after Facebook's former product director, Frances Haugen, said that Facebook causes division in the community, especially negatively affecting thoughts among young people, according to the proposal. US lawmakers "need urgent regulation".

Ms. Haugen said that "the company's management knows how to create a safer Facebook and Instagram environment, but they do not make the necessary adjustments, because they put the company's profits before the interests of users. ".

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