Facebook faces fines in Russia for not removing banned content

The Vedomosti daily published on September 30 reported that Russia could fine the social network Facebook up to 10% of its annual revenue in Russia for continuing to fail to comply with Russian authorities' regulations on deleting content. prohibited.

Facebook icon on tablet screen. Photo: AFP
Facebook icon on tablet screen. Photo: AFP

According to Vedomosti, Russia's Information Monitoring Service (Roskomnadzor) said that Facebook's continued violation of Russian law, according to which the failure to delete posting content that authorities consider illegal, can result in fines from 5% of up to 10% of its annual revenue in Russia. However, Roskomnadzor has not directly issued a statement on this matter and Facebook has not yet responded to the information.

Vedomosti cited sources from experts as saying that Facebook's annual revenue in Russia is about 12 billion rubles ($165 million). This year, Roskomnadzor has repeatedly fined Facebook for not removing content banned in Russia to the amount of 43 million rubles. However, Facebook management has not yet paid this fine.

On September 29, Russia also threatened to block the online video sharing platform YouTube in the country after YouTube blocked the German channels of Russian media outlet RT. Roscomnadzor has sent a letter to Google, the owner of YouTube, requesting that all restrictions on the RT DE and Der Fehlender Part channels be removed as soon as possible. Roscomnadzor warned that if YouTube does not comply with the above request, it will face a fine of 1-3 million rubles.

Russian authorities issued a response a day after YouTube blocked the account of RT's German channels, claiming that the channel violated YouTube's policy regarding information about the COVID-19 pandemic.

Russia is tightening regulations on many technology corporations and social networks. Currently, Russia is also considering a law that requires foreign technology companies to open representative offices in the country, including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, Gmail, Google, Amazon.

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