Former US security adviser Bolton: Russia made a big mistake when it came to China instead of the West

Former US National Security Adviser John Bolton said that Russia's choice to shake hands with China over the West could cause Moscow to lose control of much of its eastern territory.

RT quoted former US National Security Adviser John Bolton as saying that Russia is making a "big mistake" in its strategy by building stronger ties with China instead of mending relations with the US and China. Western European countries.

"I think Russia's security can be best guaranteed by leaning towards the West instead of the East," Bolton said in an interview on October 16, adding that the close alliance With China there will be no long-term benefits for Russia.

According to him, Russia's choice of China over Western countries could put Moscow at risk of losing control over most of the territory east of the Ural: "This will affect long-term strategic stability. Russia, and I urge people in Russia to think carefully about this before getting too close to China."

Rejecting his interviewer's assertion that the policies of the US and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) are pushing Russia closer to China, the former US National Security Adviser affirmed that it was the President himself. Russian President Vladimir Putin has chosen to cooperate more closely with Beijing.

“And I think that was a big mistake for Russia. I think they have a lot of oil and gas so they are happy to sell to China as well as sell other strategic weapons, but I think Russia has made a very bad decision to continue this in the future. future," Bolton argued.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has a meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping at the 2019 BRICS summit in Brazil. Photo: REUTERS
Russian President Vladimir Putin has a meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping at the 2019 BRICS summit in Brazil. Photo: REUTERS

Bolton also blamed the United States' reluctance to negotiate a new arms control deal with Russia for enabling China's rise as a major nuclear power.

“China's nuclear capacity is expanding a lot. If we are to have negotiations on new strategic weapons with Russia, China needs to be included," Bolton said.

Withdrawing troops from Afghanistan makes America less safe

Mr. Bolton also criticized both former US President Donald Trump and current President Joe Biden for the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, which he said has made the US less safe by creating conditions for terrorist organizations to use. this Central Asian country as a base of operations again.

"I think this is something we should all be worried about," he said, adding that EU countries would soon regret their hasty decision to resume humanitarian aid in Afghanistan. if the Taliban "continues to support terrorist groups".

He asserted that the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan has increased the possibility that Islamist extremists will take control of neighboring Pakistan and its nuclear arsenal.

Former US National Security Adviser John Bolton. Photo: RT
Former US National Security Adviser John Bolton. Photo: RT

The US does not need to consult the UN if it wants to attack Syria

The former US National Security Adviser rejects the notion that US military interventions in countries like Iraq and Syria have led to the rise of terrorist groups. He believes that the power vacuum created in Iraq when former President Barack Obama withdrew in 2011 has allowed the terrorist organization IS to grow.

Bolton emphasized that Russian military forces in Syria had been warned in advance by the US about Washington's attacks on the country: "We fully understand that if we are not careful, there can be no damage. desire. The attacks are not aimed at Russia at all, but on Syria."

Mr. Bolton, who served as the US Ambassador to the United Nations (UN) from 2005-2006, continued to defend his decision to attack Syria without UN backing, RT reported.

“I think the UN is at an impasse and its political institutions have largely failed. If the US joins the Security Council, we will almost certainly face vetoes from Russia and China. Neither the UK nor France think that Security Council approval is required, so it is our right to carry out attacks without consulting the Security Council," he said.

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