Google adds image search and boosts shopping

Technology giant Google on September 29 announced a new feature whereby users can soon integrate both images and text in search queries.

Google headquarters
Google headquarters

This development could help the flagship US subsidiary of Alphabet Inc.'s position in e-commerce and dominance in online video.

At the Search On online conference, Google announced that the aforementioned new feature will be available within the next few months through the search engine "Google Lens". Previously, in May of this year, the company announced that advances in artificial intelligence software will make this feature a reality.

Google's senior vice president, Prabhakar Raghavan, said: "With the new feature, you can click the lens icon while viewing an image of a shirt and ask Google to find an image. similar details but on a different item category, such as socks. This is helpful when what you're looking for can be difficult to describe in a few words."

The technology also helps users filter more detailed searches in videos, including in Google's YouTube app, which is currently the largest streaming channel on the Internet. For example, Mr. Raghavan said, when your bike has a broken part, you need to find instructions to fix it, the "point and ask" search mode will make it easy to find the exact moment. more in a video can help you.

Users will be able to use reverse image search while surfing on the Google iOS app or the Chrome browser on the desktop. The fact that a user selects an image and a search engine will produce many similar images online may help "shoppers" find locations that sell the item they see in the photo, from there. direct them to the Google Shopping feature - currently a rival to the online shopping platform

In addition, Google also sets another priority that is to be able to search more content at the same time. Currently, the company is promoting the licensing of the free Address Maker application to governments and organizations that map routes and mark addresses for businesses and households that are not currently saved on the Google application. Maps. This application can help governments and organizations reduce the time spent marking addresses, from years to weeks.

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