Google announces more eco-friendly new features

Technology company Google on October 6 said it would change the direction of allowing users to consider climate change when using tools that are widely used today in travel, shopping. shopping and many other activities.

Google at headquarters in Menlo Park, California, USA
Google at headquarters in Menlo Park, California, USA

Google is one of the major tech companies that has made commitments and investments to reduce the environmental impact of its operations, with measures such as reducing net carbon emissions from capitalized data centers. consumes a lot of energy to zero.

New features announced on October 6 will provide users with ways to contribute to this giant's climate change efforts.

Speaking to the press during the announcement of the new features, Google CEO (CEO) Sundar Pichai said Google will provide users with a map of routes where cars will use less fuel. , with the estimated time to destination being the same.

The CEO believes that next year, this feature will have an impact equivalent to taking more than 200,000 cars off the road. This feature will be rolled out in Europe in 2022.

Besides, Google is also working on a project that can use artificial intelligence (AI) to make traffic lights more efficient, thereby contributing to reducing pollution in general.

In addition, information on CO2 emissions will be added to a flight booking service. In the next few months, Google will also start providing information on how eco-friendly hotels are for users to consider when choosing where to stay.

Google's measures also include integrating environmental impact information into procurement and financial investment services, as well as providing more in-depth analysis of the costs and benefits of vehicles. tram.

These choices may seem trivial when viewed in isolation, Pichai said, but when replicated across Google products, they can make a big difference to the environment. school.

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