Google bans ads containing misinformation and climate change denial

Technology company Google said on October 7 that it will stop showing ads containing information with false content or denying climate change status on the Google search engine or on the video-sharing platform YouTube.

Google icon on tablet screen. Photo: AFP
Google icon on tablet screen. Photo: AFP

This decision, made by Google's advertising team, means that the company will no longer allow websites or YouTube creators to make money advertising through Google's platforms through information containing "content". contradicts the well-established scientific consensus surrounding the existence and causes of climate change."

Google will also ban ads that deny the reality of climate change. These include content that claims climate change is a scam, a hoax, or a denial that global temperatures are rising and that human activity is contributing to climate change.

The policy adjustment is seen as part of Google's plan to advance efforts to combat climate change. For years, those who spread misinformation about climate change have spread panic among the public and hindered the implementation of urgent climate change policies.

In particular, YouTube invisible medium becomes a tool for these people to accomplish the above purpose. Many experts urge other online platforms to follow Google and stop giving money-making opportunities to those who spread climate change denials.

Social media platforms are frequently accused of promoting inflammatory content in order to maintain user engagement and profit from advertisements, even when such content may be harmful. Google is one of the big tech companies that has committed and invested to reduce the environmental impact of its operations with initiatives like making power-hungry data centers carbon-neutral.

This technology giant recently announced that it will adjust the support tools widely used for travel and shopping to encourage users to create environmental protection habits in daily life. Google says the new features will give users ways to contribute to the environment and fight climate change, from choosing routes to help reduce emissions to services. Shop online for energy-saving appliances.

Big tech companies have faced increasing pressure in recent years to contribute more to the fight against climate change, including taking action against misinformation related to climate change. climate on their platforms.

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