Just released, eFootball 2022 received the lowest rating in history: mediocre graphics, bad gameplay, cluttered

Many players had to say "what happened to PES like this" when experiencing with eFootball as soon as this game was released.

Superstar Ronaldo 'dumb' version
Superstar Ronaldo 'dumb' version

2 months ago, KONAMI made the gaming community feel 'increased' when it decided to 'death' the Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) brand. More specifically, instead, this football game series of Konami will now be called eFootball, which is a free game (free-to-play), released in digital form (no longer selling discs). on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC.

In addition to changing the name and surname for his pet, Konami also revealed many more notable changes with the eFootball 2022 game released this year. These can be mentioned as abandoning the familiar Fox Engine platform to switch to Unreal Engine 4 - a very powerful engine in developing cross-platform games, or integrating a completely new player motion simulation system called Motion Match, which adds 4x more animations than previous PES versions.

However, is it all just a trick?

Although advertised with a lot of improvements and built great expectations for longtime fans of the PES series, when officially launched today, efootball 2022 has received a lot of criticism.

The mechanism that simulates the possibility of a dispute between players is seriously faulty
The mechanism that simulates the possibility of a dispute between players is seriously faulty

Many gamers expect this to be a perfect new beginning for Pes, but what they receive is like an incomplete product. According to many gamers, the image of eFootball is only good, the player image is not realistic, the gameplay changes too much compared to its predecessors like PES 2020 or the latest version, efootball PES 2021. Besides, The abundant bugs on all systems or the phenomenon of FPS fluctuations on PC also make the launch date of efootball 2022 become arduous.

"Not as expected. I've been loyal to PES since the old PS2 versions. But this new version is not worth the 2-year wait time of PES fans. The game's graphics are not really excellent. , although I play on the PS5 version, the player is like gliding on the grass. The ball physics simulation is much different from the previous version, creating the feeling of kicking a 100kg iron ball".

In common with the statement, another big fan of PES also confirmed that eFootball 2022 has too many minus points compared to its predecessors. "The new defense mechanism of the game changes too much, it seems to learn from rival FIFA. Some long-time PES players may not like this kind of defense mechanism. In addition, the control of the player is also quite good. Difficulty because the simulation of the player's movements is not really smooth and lacks the necessary sensitivity"

At the present time, the game mode of efootball 2022 is 'quite remote', when there is only a friendly game mode with Humans (online kick) and Machines appear. More game modes are expected to launch as DLC in the future.

Many people are more optimistic that KONAMI can completely improve the shortcomings through the following updates. However, reality shows that Konami can hardly return to the game overnight when the problem of eFootball 2022 does not lie in the lack of content or game modes, but from gameplay and graphics. And of course, these minus points can only be overcome after a long time.

eFootball 2022 gets the worst rating on Steam right now
eFootball 2022 gets the worst rating on Steam right now

Currently on Steam, eFootball 2022 only received a catastrophic rating, only 8% on a 100% scale after nearly 5 thousand reviews - ie "Totally negative" by Steam's standards. Compared to its predecessors, efootball PES 2021 at least received a rating of 74% even though it was only released as an updated version of PES 2020. Many gamers even said that this could be the case. is the first moment signaling a dark period of this famous football game series.

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