Killed his brother for giving someone else Covid-19 vaccine

A man in the state of Maryland - USA kills his brother, sister-in-law and another woman due to problems with the Covid-19 vaccine.

ABC News on October 9 reported that the killer was identified as Jeffrey Burnham. Mr Burnham is accused of killing his brother, Brian Robinette - a pharmacist - after a disagreement over the issue of a Covid-19 vaccine.

According to the indictment in Howard County, Maryland, Mr. Burnham said that his brother's Covid-19 vaccine for others was "an act of murder". The defendant also accused "the US government of poisoning people with a Covid-19 vaccine".

Mr. Jeffrey Burnham. Photo: Allegany County Sheriff's Office
Mr. Jeffrey Burnham. Photo: Allegany County Sheriff's Office

Mr. Burnham went to Ellicott City, Maryland, where his brother and sister-in-law Kelly Robinette live. Ms. Robinette was found dead in her apartment from a gunshot wound on September 30.

Responding to questioning, Mr. Burnham admitted that he wanted to "confront his brother about the Covid-19 vaccine", and asserted that "Brian knew something".

Mr. Burham was arrested by police in West Virginia and sent back to Maryland earlier this week.

Police believe Burnham may have killed another elderly woman, Rebecca Reynolds, of Cumberland County, Maryland, and then drove the victim's car to his brother's house. Reynolds was found dead with a deep laceration in her throat at her home.

At a recent trial, Mr. Burnham was charged with first-degree murder, handgun use and car theft. However, the defendants' attorneys, Jessica Colwell and Michael Stankan, insisted their client was "innocent" and said they were reviewing the evidence.

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