Listening Guide 1 PDF free download

Deanna Kreinbring Marquine September 16, 2018 Listening Guide to Watch Over was composed George Gershwin with lyrics Ira Gershwin. It was written for the musical Oh Kay in 1926, and it has been performed many musicians like Julie Andrews, Elton John, and Ella Fitzgerald. 

Listening Guide 1 PDF free download
Listening Guide 1 PDF free download

Sometimes referred to as First Lady of Fitzgerald was a popular female jazz singer in the United States, and her rendition of the piece with the London Symphony Orchestra is widely popular. Musical Event: Explanation: 0:00 Instrumental introduction 4 bar intro of strings, harp, piano, and various wind instruments 0:12 Verse 1 Singer enters with verse introduces polyphony 1:14 Pentatonic scale Singer highlights major scale with pentatonic scale leading to tonic 2:37 Pickup Singer solo to introduce verse before accompanists join 3:06 Ritardando Fermata for strings, singer has a cadenza for the final verse to Watch Over is a polyphonic piece. The texture is a vocal soloist with an accompaniment and countermelody from a symphonic orchestra. Ella rendition of the song swings the eight notes and sings rubato, meaning there is no strict tempo. The structure of the piece is bar form, AABA. The overall melody is conjunct with the occasional skips outlining the pentatonic scale, and the final bars end with a ritardando to resolve the final chord.

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