Mark Zuckerberg officially made the first statement after the global crash of Facebook, but avoided announcing the cause?

Mark Zuckerberg's first statement on Facebook is receiving a lot of attention when the entire ecosystem including Instagram, Messenger is down globally!

Mark Zuckerberg thiệt hại không ít vì Facebook lỗi
Mark Zuckerberg suffered a lot because of Facebook's error

On the evening of October 4, a series of Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram accounts around the world were experiencing widespread errors. According to reports from many users, the website,, and the Facebook and Instagram apps are not able to load news. Besides, the Messenger messaging app also doesn't send/receive messages.

After nearly 9 hours, Facebook is now able to use the features again, and Facebook's ecosystem including Messenger and Instagram is also gradually stabilizing. The interruption of communication and entertainment for a long time makes many people extremely tired.

Right after Facebook was "recovered" back, Facebook's CEO - Mark Zuckerberg made his first official statement. Accordingly, he said that currently platforms such as Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp have officially returned.

At the same time, this CEO also apologized to users for the incident that took place today. Mark Zuckerberg also has a rather "narcissistic" phase when he thinks that users are relying on a lot of services from them. However, the billionaire did not disclose why the Facebook error lasted for nearly 9 hours - what people are most concerned about today.

Mark's first official statement
Mark's first official statement

This post of Facebook CEO is receiving huge interaction after just over an hour of posting with nearly 1 million likes and nearly 300k comments continuously appearing. The Facebook error worldwide for many hours also made Mark's fortune evaporate more than $ 7 billion, his total fortune dropped to the 5th richest person in the world.

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