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Persuasive Speech Outline

Free MetroCard for College Students

Specific Purpose: To persuade everyone to sign the petition for college students to get free Metro Cards Thesis Statement: Students should receive free Metro Cards to minimize their college burden Organizational Pattern: Monroe’s Motivated Sequence Introduction (Attention) I. Attention Getting Device: Do you feel robbed whenever you pay for a 30-day unlimited MetroCard or refill your MetroCard every time it shows ‘insufficient fare?’ II. Introduce Your Topic: We should all petition for free Metro Cards for college students III. Demonstrating the Importance: People think their opinions will not make a difference therefore they choose not to do anything about an issue. If students from every university sign the petition, there will be a great chance! IV. Preview of Main Points: Today, I will discuss the evolution of MetroCard fare hike, why it is unjustified for the MTA to be so expensive, and what our community might look like if college students get free metro cards. Body I. Need: The Evolution of MetroCard Fare Hike (Desta). A. Everything was cheaper back in the days. Let’s start with the price of MTA fare in the year of 1998, assuming we were all born. a. 1998- single ride: $1.50. In the year 1998, the 30-day unlimited ride MetroCard was introduced at the price of $63. b. 2003- single ride increased to $2.00 while the 30-day unlimited ride MetroCard also increased to $ c. 2005- single ride remained $2.00 however the 30-day unlimited ride MetroCard became $ d. 2008- the 30-day unlimited ride MetroCard grew to $ e. 2009- single ride: $2. f. 2010- 30-day unlimited ride MetroCard inflated to $ g. 2013- single ride: $2.50, the 30-day unlimited ride became $112, plus the new policy introduced that adds $1 charge to buy a new MetroCard h. 2015- single ride: $2.75 and 30-day unlimited ride increased to $116.50.

Persuasive Speech Outline
Persuasive Speech Outline

B. It is said that the MTA fare will grow from $2.75 to $3.00 next year with the aim to raise more than $300 million annually for a transit system that is struggling to provide reliable service (Burke).

Transition: We now know the evolution of MetroCard Hike, let’s talk about why the MTA fare is unjustified

II. Satisfaction: Why is it unjustified for MTA fare to be so expensive? A. College students have to pay for many things and the last thing they want to worry about is paying for their transportation. a. A big portion of a college student’s spending is the school tuition. We have to pay for every class we take and every resource we use. All that is included in our tuition fee. b. Another portion of our spending goes to the textbooks. According to CNBC, “The College Board estimates that the average student in this country spends around $1,200 a year on books and supplies. A single book can cost as much as $200” (Weisbaum). c. Some college student dorms. The price for dorming is generally expensive whether it’d be on-campus or off-campus. For Baruch students, you still need to commute to school by either trains or buses if you dorm. d. Last but not least, students need to pay for their meals. The café inside our school can be expensive while most of the decent restaurants nearby are expensive as well. B. MTA does not stand up to its price with the services they provide a. Rude MTA bus drivers b. Train delay every now and then causing a jumble of riders waiting to cram onto the train c. Subway condition/ environment/ quality C. How does it make any sense for public school students to get free student metro cards but CUNY students have to pay for it? a. In elementary, students get transported by those yellow school buses. b. In middle and high school, students get free metro cards from their school. c. Transportation fee should be excluded from a college student’s spending.

Transition: Now that we understand why the MTA fare is unjustified, I will now discuss what our community might look like if college students get free metro cards.

III. Visualization: Free metro cards for college students will benefit us all

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