President Biden's two multi-event European summits

For an experienced foreign policy expert like President Joe Biden, the two upcoming major conferences in Europe will be events with plenty of action.

US President Joe Biden. Photo: AP
US President Joe Biden. Photo: AP

President Biden is expected to attend the G20 summit in Rome (Italy) later this week and then the United Nations Summit on Climate Change. climate change (COP26) in Glasgow (Scotland) on November 1-2.

The AFP news agency (France) said that President Biden will have a great opportunity to show "America back". But with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping absent from these two events, Mr. Biden's aims could be fraught.

Since assuming the presidency, Mr. Biden has not once met President Xi Jinping. Two talks and a pre-recorded video conference later this year is all he can do.

During this G20 event, the White House did not announce a bilateral meeting with two of its top allies, Turkey and Saudi Arabia. "We don't even know who will represent Saudi Arabia," US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan told reporters. Instead, President Biden focused mainly on partners who are still worried about the US withdrawal from Afghanistan.

French President Emmanuel Macron. Photo: AFP
French President Emmanuel Macron. Photo: AFP

On October 29, President Biden is scheduled to meet with his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron. This will be an event of great interest because Washington and Paris had a spat in mid-September after the US and Britain pledged to help Australia develop nuclear-powered submarines. As a result, Australia withdrew from a $66 billion deal to buy French-designed submarines. This means loss of revenue for the French defense industry, but it is a "big net" for many American businesses. "This should not happen between allies," said French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian.

According to AFP, at two summits held in Europe, President Biden will emphasize the US's global leadership in support of a COVID-19 vaccine and show he has put the US back into action on the issue of climate change. climate change.

"There's been a lot of commentary in recent weeks about the state of the transatlantic relationship," said US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan. The United States and Europe are headed for two summits with consensus on many key issues on the global agenda.

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