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 CMST 1110: Persuasive Outline

PERSUASIVE SPEECH OUTLINE – PROBLEM/SOLUTION Name: Session: Speech 1110- Title of your Speech: Organizational Pattern: Problem-Solution Proposition: Policy General Purpose: (To persuade) Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience to (title of speech) in ( of main points). Central Idea: I will persuade my audience by first, presenting a problem, and second, a solution to the problem. Introduction Attention Getter: Importance: Credibility: Preview: Body I. First, the problem. (Remember to use full sentences) A. Describe the problem. 1. Describe the effects of the problem (include signs and symptoms). a. Supporting material (can include: statistics, quotations, newspaper articles, magazine articles, journal entries, books, personal interviews, expert/lay testimony, examples, etc.) b. Supporting material (citation paragraphs need to be highlighted; include date, author, credibility and source) 2. Explain the probable cause(s) and/or relevant history of the problem. a. Supporting material b. Supporting material B. Explain the importance of the need or problem. 1. Describe the extent of the need or problem. a. Supporting material b. Supporting material 2. Explain who is affected by the need or problem (especially your audience). a. Supporting material b. Supporting material (Transition: Now that we have addressed the problem, let’s examine the solution.) II. Second, the solution. A. Describe your solution in detail. 1. Describe how your solution can be implemented. 2. Explain what actions must be taken now (and later) to solve the problem. 3. Describe the cost, time, and effort needed for the solution. a. Supporting material b. Supporting material

Problem-Solution Outline
Problem-Solution Outline

CMST 1110: Persuasive Outline B. Explain why your plan will work. 1. Explain how your solution addresses the problem. a. Supporting material b. Supporting material 2. Show evidence to support your plan. a. Supporting material b. Supporting material Conclusion Sign post and Summary: In conclusion, (recap main points). Importance: Call to Action: (Tell your audience SPECIFICALLY what they can/should do NOW) Memorable Ending: References (APA citations are listed in alphabetical order based on the author’s last name) Last name, F.M. (YEAR). A title with only first letter of first keyword capitalized. City Printed: Publisher.

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