Saying and doing, Mr. Trump announced a new social network, declared war on Facebook, Twitter

Constantly being "banned" by major social networks, former President Trump launched his own social network.

Mr. Trump launched a new social network called TRUTH Social (photo: Hill)
Mr. Trump launched a new social network called TRUTH Social (photo: Hill)

"Against the tech giants," Trump announced as he launched a new social network called "TRUTH Social" (Truth).

“I created TRUTH Social and TMTG to fight the tyranny of tech giants. We live in a world where the Taliban appear on Twitter, but the president you love is silenced. That cannot be accepted,” Trump said.

With TRUTH Social and TMTG (Trump Media and Technology Corporation), the former US President hopes his voice will soon appear on social networks and reach his fans.

“Many people ask me why is nobody standing up against the tech giants? Okay, we'll do it soon," Trump added.

After the riots at the US Capitol on January 1, Mr. Trump was "banned" by many major social networks such as Facebook and Twitter for "using language that incites violence". The former President at that time expressed anger because his personal account had tens of millions of followers. He vowed to build his own social network.

In early October, Mr. Trump filed a request for a federal judge to force Twitter to reinstate his personal account.

“I am delighted to send you TRUTH Social. It was created with the mission of expressing the voices and views of all people and against the tech giants," Trump said.

The trial version of TRUTH Social will go live next month, right before the US congressional midterm elections.

In July, Trump's media team also launched the social networking platform GETTR to compete with other major social networks. GETTR attracted 1.4 million users in its first week of operation.

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